Let’s Ask Some Questions Shall We: I’ll Be The Interviewer

Now you’re probably wondering where i’m going with this, hear me out!! So i’ve been watching some moments and interviews of one of my favorite bands i’ve talked about them on here before, you may remember them as the band PVRIS, I talked about how I became a fan of theirs and also about their album White Noise, if you want to read that post you can find it here: Artist Of The Month: PVRIS (Take One White Noise Album And How I Became A Fan On The Band….Sorry If That’s Cheesy)

So I was watching some of their stuff this morning and I guess it kinda gave me an idea, I actually thought about this a while ago, when I was trying to figure out what to write about and this came to mind, so I thought i’d try it out and see how it could go. I’m hoping it goes well and I’m able to learn a little bit about you guys and you could learn a bit about me if you want and just kinda make this fun, get to know each other a bit, try something new you know, it doesn’t hurt to try right!?

So i’m gonna think of 5 different questions, random question and for those reading this if you want to answer them, great, if not that’s fine as well, it’s totally up to you, I just wanted to try something different and bring something fun to you all that I really hope that you enjoy.

Here are my 5 questions for you: 

Question #1: For those who write, do you listen to music while your writing!? If so what’s your go to playlist or artist that you enjoy listening to, if you don’t listen to music are there any other things you like to have as background noise or do you just enjoy no background noise at all when you write!?

Question #2: If you were in a band, what would you name your band, what would the genre of your music be and if you had to pick anyone (favorite artist, friends ect…) to be in it, who would you chose and what instruments would you have them play!?

Question #3: If you had to create the perfect (in your book) workspace whether you’re a writer, artist (musician, drawer, painter ect…) maybe you want a space just for reading, how would you create that space!?

Question #4: If you had a muse to write about (it doesn’t have to be writing, it can be anything) What would it be and how would you describe it!?

And Lastly:

Question #5: If someone came to you and said “Hey I need some advice” what kind of advice do you think they’d ask for knowing your own personality and how would you give them that advice!?

Those are all my questions, that I have for you guys, hopefully their decent questions, if any of you do look at this and consider answering them, I look forward to reading them and seeing what kind of stuff you come up with, their not really anything super special, but I thought this would be a good way to interact with some of you.


All The Love ❤ ❤



Featured Photo By: Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Let’s Ask Some Questions Shall We: I’ll Be The Interviewer

  1. No point in clicking “like” if I don’t respond! Here are my answers to your thought-provoking questions:
    1. I listen to the ticking of my cuckoo clock while I write. It gives me rhythm.
    2. Band name and genre? When I was young, I was quite an accomplished clarinetist. I love good classical orchestral music and I loved Jimmy Dorsey and all the Big Bands of the time. All members of the famous orchestras were males back in the 50s. I dreamed of having an all-girl band and touring the world. “Whirlwind of a Women” would have been ablaze in popularity!
    3. My space for writing is at my dining room table with the cuckoo clock on the wall behind and to the right of me – and a clear view of the gorgeous, ever-changing Madison Range if the majestic Rockies in front of me.
    4. My muse is a gracious angel of mercy who inspires my creativity, reminds me to be gracious to myself and others, and helps the Fruits of the Spirit to flow into my heart and out my fingertips – love, joy, patience, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control are mine for the getting and giving. I am blessed by my Muse everyday!
    5. Advice requested might be related to application of Biblical principles, loving the unlovable, teaching self-centered young children the art of sharing, learning to let go, how to make new friends while keeping the old, or how to stay happily married to one person for 56+ years. Now, DaydreamerLex, what are YOUR answers to these questions??

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    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot that you took the time to answer these questions of mine ^_^ I read every single one of your answers and they’re very lovely ones too they really made me smile. Reading that your clock is what you feel brings you more of a rhythm then listening to music when you write was very different, but also very nice. Learning that you use to play the clarinet was interesting as well, how long did you play the clarinet for and do you still play it as well!? I enjoy classical music at times too, my elementary teacher use to play it in class while we would work and I learned to enjoy it, I feel it gives you a sense of rhythm and gives you a chance to flow with everything, it also brings some creativity to the mind, plus it’s very calming. I’m not sure if I ever heard of Jimmy Dorsey, but i’ll have to look into him, I enjoy old music, i’m a music person so I always try and give everything a chance, but one of my favorite kind of music is old music, there’s just something about it, that draws me in, it’s very enjoyable!! Whirlwind Of A Women sounds like a very cool name, i’m sure they would have been very big back then 😀 Your ideal workspace sounds very comfy, and very wonderful, i’m sure it is as well, having a nice view of something can bring you a lot of good feelings i’m sure. That’s a very lovely muse you have there, having something that inspires you everyday like that is amazing. Your last answer here has really touched and warmed my heart, I don’t even have much words for it, every single one of your answers has left me speechless, but has also been a joy to read and take in ^_^ Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your answers with me, I really enjoyed it!! As for my answers I feel if I were to answer them here this would be a very long comment, which it kind of already is haha, but i’ll answer them in a post for you 🙂 thank you again for sharing with me, it means a lot, I hope you have a lovely day ^_^

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      1. Hey Jan sorry for the late reply, but I just wanted to let you know that I answered my own questions for you, i’m not sure if you read it yet, but it’s up already, I hope that you’re doing well and that you’re having a good day ^_^ P.S. You’re very welcome for the kind reply ❤ 🙂

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