Man Has It Been A While….

Aloe, in case you’re wondering that’s my new way of saying hi these days. It’s been quite a very long time since I’ve written anything on here, I haven’t even written in a notebook….it wasn’t until recently that I started to get back into writing. Honestly I forgot what it felt like to really sit and write, you don’t realize just how much you want to say, until you find yourself trying to say the things that is in your mind….I just want anyone whose probably wondered where I’ve been and why I haven’t been writing to know, I didn’t give up on it, I always knew I’d return to writing when I felt ready for it and well here I am.

As you can probably tell or if you didn’t notice at all, I’ve changed the name of my blog, it’s not anything too different from before, but instead of Life As A Daydreamer, it will now be called The Wandering Daydreamer and maybe some of you are wondering why the change!? Simple I have it for everything else, so why not have it for here as well!? I also felt it was more fitting seeing that I have been wandering about in many differen direction in my life and some of the places I’ve been I wasn’t even expecting to head towards, it just happened so I wanted to embrace it.

I wanted it to feel more current in the journey that I’m on and so I hope it’s not been too confusing for anyone who continued to read my blog post even though I wasn’t around, I mean to be fair I JUST recently changed it like a week ago, probably 2 weeks now, so it hasn’t been that long. I know I probably don’t have to explain it, I just felt it was time to transform this site and I wanted to let you guys know why I felt the need to change it, sometimes there are things that you feel would be better for you to do and you may not quite know why you feel that way, but if it’s something that could bring a bit of fresh air or something you feel is just time to renew, then why not give it a go.

It’s good to rebrand/transform I guess you can say yourself, as well as things that mean a lot to you, because it really can bring a bit of a different energy to what you’re creating or in this case expressing. It may not feel it’s going to make much difference, but you’d be surprised honestly, it may not be something that happens right away, but you’ll feel yourself wanting to approach things a bit differently. Before I came back to writing on here again, I knew I had to take what I was feeling and thinking and write it into a notbook first, I got a lot out that I wasn’t expecting to come out, but it did. I had to be patient with myself and be okay with expressing all that I felt I had to say without judgement and allow what needed to be released to just be what it was in the moment whether it made sense or not.

Personally I was very happy and proud of myself for FINALLY letting all those feelings go, in my book I grew and transformed a little more than what I had before and I’ll admit it did get me emotional, but the good kind of emotional. I know there’s still things within me that have yet to come to the surface, but when the time comes to where those feelings choose to wash up on to the shore of introspection shall we say, I will do my best to continue to be patient with myself and let whatever needs to come to light surface how it feels in the moment.

It’s a hard thing to get used to and just allow, but sometimes it’s needed so that us as humans can continue to grow and understand ourselves a little bit better, cause even when we think we know who we are….we still find that we’re still learning and discoverying new things about ourselves as well and that’s pretty cool, it can also be scary, but that’s just how most of life goes anyway. I think that’s all of what’s on my mind today, I know it’s been a very long time, but I felt good to come back and sorta catch up on some stuff.

I hope all has been well with you all, take care of yourself, rest if you need to and I hope you’re having a good start to your week.

All The Love ❤ ❤