Just Sing A Little Song

You ever just find yourself singing a random tune out of nowhere and while you’re singing that tune, you start to realize that for some reason, it kinda brings up your mood no matter what the song is about……..i’m always making random songs up, lately I find when i’m thinking too much or i’m bored or something, i’m always coming up with all these weird songs, literally I just made up this random song that had to do with something that i’m contemplating about and also one on what I should write about.

It doesn’t matter what i’m doing really, sometimes i’ll just make random songs up and add on to it as i’m still singing them, unless I write them down though, I won’t remember them after i’ve sung them to myself, I don’t know if that’s just me or if there are other people who also make up random songs that really don’t have much meaning behind them, but are just being sung in the moment, whether it’s while you’re cleaning up, trying to decide on something or just because you feel like singing in the moment about anything really, it doesn’t have to be on a specific topic, it could be because you find singing to be something enjoyable and everything.

Just like dancing, dancing even if you can’t dance is good when you need to feel better, I actually read somewhere that singing and dancing for a bit, can improve your mood, that’s probably because it brings out the natural happy chemicals in your brain, which is also know as Dopamine, but we’ll just call them happy brain chemicals and make it simple. I’m not sure if I actually had a point with this, if there was one, I think it was just what the title says whenever you find yourself thinking too much or feeling a little low or you just feel like letting what’s on your mind out within a song, just sing that little song of yours and hopefully you feel better and a little calmer as well.

Think of it as being in a musical, for a lot of people it may get annoying, but for those who just need to sing a random tune to themselves about what’s in their heads or something, it won’t be so bad, you might just have a smile on your face from it, even if it’s a small one.

How do you guys like to get things out, do you sing a random tune to yourself or is there something else that works for you, let me know in the comments below.Β 

All The Love ❀ ❀


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