The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this new journey of mine, in all honesty I have no idea what i’m doing really, I made this blog just to be able to express myself and write down my thoughts and hopefully turn what I write down into a positive thing so I hope everything I write is good in some way and helps as well…….

Everyone has their journey in life, for some their journey is a little simpler and for others it’s a little more challenging. Whether yours is simple or a bit on the challenging side of town, it doesn’t make you different from others, if that makes sense (I hope so)……..for those who live a simple life, some people would think just because they’re not stressing as much as those going through some tough times in their own life that their life is not as difficult, but everyone goes through tough times even those you wouldn’t expect to.

You see when it comes to life journeys everyone has to walk their own path some get all the hardships and others get some of it, but not very much of it. Life journeys are all about what you take from everything even the battles you go through in your lifetime, but no matter what path your walking be it simple, a little challenging or in between even……always remember to keep your head up, stay focus and just keep moving forward because every journey teaches you something about yourself and everything else around you 🙂


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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