2 Weeks Away, Almost 3….

How’s everyone doing these days, hope well!! Now I know what some of you are probably thinking, “Where have you been!?” and if you aren’t thinking that well then, that’s okay, but I will sorta explain why I haven’t written anything new for the past 2 to almost 3 weeks, I think the longest i’ve went not posting is about a few days maybe a week, this times a new record, we surpassed a week of not posting, can we get an hurrah!?

No i’m kidding, I haven’t posted on here for a reason, you see i’ve been away due to my brain thinking a lot mainly on where i’m going or want to go at least……there’s a lot of things that I haven’t really expressed on here, I might do that one day, not sure when exactly, but one day……

I still haven’t gained that much courage to do so just yet. Now even though I haven’t written and posted anything new on my blog in a good while, I have been still writing, just more handwriting then typing, i’m actually close to filling one of my journals, not quite finished, but it’s getting there i’d say.

So yeah, i’ve been trying to really think on what I want to do (career wise) this isn’t anything new really, it’s something that i’ve been switching back and forth with for a good while now, i’ve just been putting it off for a good amount of time and you know what that’s no one else’s fault but mine, you think you’re fine with something, but then realize you’re not.

So yeah there’s that for one……i’ve also been trying to get better at certain things…..still sorta working on that……i’m kinda feeling a bit of stress and pressure and that’s me doing that to myself because I really want to get somewhere and feel good about it, I mean we all do don’t we!?

There’s a lot let’s just say, but i’m doing my best to work it all out so I could move forward from where i’ve always been stood, if that makes sense!?

I must say this has got to be the most i’ve written in a while on here, which is surprising for some reason, because normally I write a lot, in my journals at least, i’m not sure how often i’ll be posting on here, I kinda purposely stepped away from here just so I can get my head straight and that, plus i’ve been wanting to make this blog better and i’m not sure in what way I want to do that, maybe it’ll be more personal or something, i’m not sure yet.

Hopefully it’ll all just happen naturally, but yeah that’s just a bit of an update I guess you can say, I don’t know what else to say, I hope you’re all doing well and having a good day sorry it’s taken me a few weeks to write, I kinda felt as though I didn’t have much to say so I didn’t, I have missed it though I won’t say I didn’t, i’m always on here believe it or not haha……

That’s all I have for now, but I will post something again soon, maybe not this week or maybe, who know, I might surprise you and post something one of these days or during the weekend, i’ll go based on if I feel I want to say something or how i’m feeling, right now it’s just how things are going,

But you guys enjoy the rest of your day or night depending on what time of day it is where you are and i’ll write to you guys again soon.

P.S. Since we’re coming to the closing days of Summer I thought i’d share something I made a while ago, I was meant to post it, but never did…..

All The Love ❤ < 3


8 thoughts on “2 Weeks Away, Almost 3….

  1. I think to continue blogging, you might want to settle on a particular focus for your blog. Years back I blogged but lost interest because I was blogging about everything and anything and was doing it anonymously. I decided to start up again using my real name but focusing on writing as the theme of my blog. It really helped me to be consistent with posting and the focus of my blog.

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    1. Thanks for the tip, I really do appreciate it!! I have noticed that with blogging and writing there has to be a main focus theme wise, in order to keep going with it…..it’s kinda why I went away from it, I didn’t want to, I really tried not to, but I know without a main focus topic, your bound to feel lost and unsatisfied and that’s what I was starting to feel the more I aimlessly wrote…..

      If you don’t mind me asking, how did you manage to come to the realization and find your focus topic when starting up again!? Did you know right away where you wanted your focus to be or did you kind of had to think on it!? I mean how’d you figure it out!?

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      1. Yes, I knew I wanted it to be writing oriented because one of my main personal goals was to become a better writer, one who could find success as a published writer. I wanted to critically look at my past writing and writing practices to see what worked and what didn’t. It also was a way for me to get further educated on writing. I figured if it was a subject that I was passionate about and wanted to get better at, I would have more interest in sustaining it. I haven’t built up a massive audience yet, but I am still writing the blog two years later.
        Thanks for checking in and following, btw.

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      2. So you just always knew where you wanted your focus to be when it came to your blog/writing and making it better!! I read a few of your posts they’re really good and you’re a really great writer….how were you able to know what worked with your writing and what didn’t to be able to restart and try it again!?

        Well I’m sure knowing the key factors of where your passion lied helped with knowing where you wanted it to go, which is good!! I’m always trying to figure out where exactly I fit in terms of my writing style…..I mean i’ve always focused on all these different things and so I find it hard to just stick to one topic.

        Are there any tips you could share for someone who likes to talk about everything, learn to find a main focus topic to write on and is there any way to bring in other interest topics without it feeling out of place!?

        I hope that makes sense, sorry for the long message by the way, also you’re welcome, I really enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to reading more of your writing ^_^

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      3. No, thank you very much, I appreciated it. The interest in writing comes from a long time ago, well into childhood. It’s taken me several years to get to where I’m at now, I have much more to learn, and I have the feeling that I would never be able to learn everything about writing during my lifetime.

        As far as finding a main focus, what are your true passions in life? Which ones do you find yourself not only talking about the most, but never seem to run out of material or your own interest in writing about it? It may not be an instantaneous process, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

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      4. Well then you’re welcome, i’m glad to know it’s not a bothersome ^_^ ha if only it was that simple to learn everything right!? To be able to just have all the information on the things that you want to know more about in one go without issue, that’d be quite the highlight, it’d make things a whole lot easier too….

        My passions tend to vary if i’m being honest, the amount of times i’ve tried to really think about what I enjoy talking about the most is hard to count, I love music and talking about the different artists i’ve listened to, but i’m no expert on albums and trying to speak as though i’m a musical genius, i’m just a fan…..

        As for other passions…..it tends to go on what interests me in the moment, so it changes a lot, but as for what I find myself writing the most about, well I write personally a lot, so if i’m feeling something deeply, I write it down, but keep it to myself…..

        I always think of sharing, but then retract and think “whose going to want to read this!?” I guess it’s the thought of, it’s not interesting so it’s why I don’t share it, plus expressing was always something I had a hard time with, still do, but i’m doing my best to work on it.

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    1. Awww really!? In all honesty I didn’t think I would be missed much, but to hear that, means a whole lot, i’m happy to be back!! I’ve been trying to focus on sorting things properly and trying to figure out what direction I want to take this blog and just everything really ha…..

      Awwww why thank you, I made it around I think ending of June early July, can’t remember, I meant to post it earlier, but nothing really fit with it then and so I thought since summers coming to a close, why not share it, but i’m glad to hear that you really like it thanks!! ^_^

      Yeah I know, it flew right past us before we were able to really take it in, it really is insane how quickly everything goes….lol that is true, although i’ve only had apple cider a few times, I do love fall and the attire that comes with it though (sweaters, cardigans, scarves ect….) also the leaves on the trees what beauties right!? Sorry I know i’m probably rambling….

      I hope all has been well with you and you’ve had a good summer and I hope your days going alright 🙂 Right back at you ||-//


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