Deep Breath……

Okay so this going to sound pretty confusing to guys, at least for a moment, my brain is filled with a bit of pressure and i’m feeling a little nervous….alright a lot nervous, there’s been something that i’ve been at that I just started really trying at, i’ve been back and forth with it in my head at first for a good while and it wasn’t until yesterday where I stopped thinking about it let’s just say…….at this moment though, i’m a bit nervous to the point where i’m kinda sitting with it for a bit, really thinking about it……

It’s only until I feel alright to say “it’s time” I know trying to delay something isn’t probably the best choice to go with, but sometimes you need a moment to really take something in before you go again, you know!?…….I probably should just start going again, instead of trying to purposely stall, stalling doesn’t really work all that well, unless you’re having to stall someone else from entering a room or something, in that case it kinda works,

But if you’re trying to stall yourself…….you’re not really helping yourself all that well are ya!? Guess not……I should probably get moving soon, let me go grab a sweater or jacket in case it’s get a little chilly……what!? I’m not stalling if that’s what you’re wondering, this weather is just unpredictable these days, gotta be prepared, is all……alright, alright i’m going!!……

All The Love ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “Deep Breath……

  1. I’m not really sure what this is about, but as someone who’s kind of… felt stuck and as though I’ve been standing still in my present situation, reading this made me feel a little better. I think I need to prepare myself more for what life’s going to throw at me. Sorry, I’m certain this was a personal post, I just wanted to say thanks.

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    1. Hey sorry to get back to you a little late, reading your comment here…..i’m not really sure how to reply……I know the feeling on well feeling like your stuck in life, not really knowing what to do or wondering a lot about everything really so I understand what you mean, i’m glad that my post helped you feel a little better, to hear that really means a lot…..I know things can seem and get a little hectic and can be too much at times, but with a few breaths and trusting in someway that it’ll turn around and get better, you find that it truly can help a little!!

      No need to be sorry for sharing, i’m glad that my post helped you to feel better, this was written personally, but it’s good to know that it was able to help someone as well!! You’re welcome, i’m glad I could help ^_^

      I hope all is well ❤ ❤


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