Let’s Chat: How Are You!?

I’m finding myself going back and forth through two posts that i’ve pre written, but still yet to post, it’s like I don’t really know what to keep my focus on other than Animal Crossing New Horizons, which by the way (side tracking here for a brief moment) is a REALLY, amazing game!!

Well it’s pretty great anyway, the amazing part might just be me hyping it up just a little bit…..but New Horizons aside……I don’t know what or where to keep my mind on……I don’t know if any of you are having that kind of day as well or have been having those kind of days!?

Speaking of how are you all doing!? How have you been dealing and getting through all that’s been happening!? I know a lot of people are probably finding it a somewhat difficult or maybe a whole lot difficult, maybe some of you are taking it somewhat okay than most people might…..

I know everyone has different ways of dealing with things, I don’t know how a lot of you are getting through this, but hopefully you’re all doing alright and are keeping safe and well, I know it’s not been the most best of days of late, but hopefully you’ve all had something to look forward to, maybe it’s a new video game, book, music, organizing something!? You’d be surprise on what can be a big help to kick up a low kind of mood!!

This isn’t a long post as you can see…..i’m just curious and genuinely want to know how you guys have been getting through all of this and if there’s anything right now that has been not only keeping you busy, occupied and productive, but also just giving you something to look forward to and keeping your minds to not have you think about what’s going on 24/7!?

All The Love


2 thoughts on “Let’s Chat: How Are You!?

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time, with everything going on, I know things like feeling overwhelmed and having your thoughts tangle you around is not really helpful…..

      If you feel you need a bit of a break though, you should take that break, it might be a big breath for you, you don’t want to push yourself too hard if you know you’re running on empty or just feel your on overdrive,

      Maybe right now slowing down is something you need and that’s okay, maybe you can find some relaxing games that can help distract your mind for a while, whatever you find works for you, but don’t be so hard on yourself, if you feel you need some time then take the time!!

      I’ve been doing alright, some days I find are a little more tougher than others, right now i’m in a bit of a fog with inspiration, the whole thoughts thing is something i’m having a bit of trouble with myself at times so my concentration could be better…..there’s a lot going on, but it’s been okay thanks for asking!!

      I hope you’re doing okay and that your days treating you a little better if not, then I hope your weekend can be that uplift for you ❤ ❤


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