Figure It Out…..

Easy statement to make, yet a little harder to do……….we stress ourselves out whenever we know we have to figure something out, I mean we could try and sit with our ourselves and thoughts calmly, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t………..we think and think and think, until we feel like our brains are going into overload causing us to crash because we’ve been thinking for hours and hours, trying to figure out some kind of solution to a problem or situation that is happening. Sometimes we just sit and ponder for so long because we’re wanting to know where we fit, if we have what it takes and if we’re doing alright in everything in general…………..

We wonder whether we’ll ever figure out the thing we’re trying to figure out, whether we’re heading in the right direction where we’re walking. We wander about because we want to know where exactly we’re heading and while we’re wandering, we ourselves are trying to figure out where we want to go……………we fill ourselves with emotion and with the struggle of just wanting to know, but it’s hard to know where we’ll be heading in the wander of our lives, it’s also hard because we wonder when we do finally see where we’re being guided to, will we be able to handle and really embrace it when we finally are face to face with it!?

We may walk around aimlessly and unknowing of where we’re walking, but the one thing we always tend to realize is that even when we don’t know………..we find that, the fact that we’re still even walking and wandering around even if it’s in circles, we still have that something inside us, that something that is hoping we’ll soon have the answer to the question we’ve been wondering and that we will have figured it out in the end.

All The Love ❤ ❤


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