Don’t Speak…..

Besides this being a title of a few songs, sometimes we will say things, but kinda wish we didn’t at the same time………….we express our feelings though because we feel like letting them out, yet sometimes those feelings that we’re trying to get out, we tell ourselves afterwards that maybe we should’ve just not have spoken about them. If they are things that aren’t making us feel good why even say it!? If we’re just going to end up upset over it why even put those thoughts and emotions out there, it’s not your story to try and read, you’re not suppose to give your input if you know that it shouldn’t have been asked for.

We still do it though, we still will say the things that we’re feeling because it’s how we’re feeling. Sometimes we do it to help people see and because we want to try and help them and sometimes we’ll say it because we feel it should be said, but does it really matter!? Does what we express mean anything!? I’m not sure, maybe it does, but maybe sometimes it doesn’t……..maybe we shouldn’t speak, maybe we should just keep to our own mind and thoughts and only worry about what we’re doing and if we’re doing things alright, at least with that the only stress and worry we’ll need to worry about are our own.

Who are we kidding though…………… much as it’d be a whole lot easier to keep to ourselves and not get involved like we keep saying to ourselves, we will always worry and say our feelings when it comes to those we really care about…………..even if it does stress us out.

All The Love ā¤ ā¤


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