You know although the word itself is simple, it doesn’t always mean that everything else is going to be simple along with it. I talked about balance in my last post and how trying to find a balance for everything isn’t always easy, that also goes with wanting things to be simple, as much as a lot of us may try and create a simple life, we also know that, that’s not always the way it’s going to go, especially when you’ve been around busy, stressful and overwhelming things.

Is it possible to be and live simple!? Yeah I believe it is, but it’s all about the way you do it though i’d say…………….if you’re use to the whole chaotic and fast pace lifestyle then, simple is going to feel like a task to get into and with all these habits that we already have within us, it’ll definitely feel like being on a whole different planet. When it comes to all things simple, it seems like it would be hard, but it’s really not, it all really depends on whether you want things to be simple or not, if you want things to be a little more calmer and less hectic or if you just prefer to be stressed out all the time and not get that moment of breath that you probably are needing.

I use to always think a lot was what was better, i’m sure that you guys probably think that or have thought that as well, but when you really think about it, having a lot is actually the opposite in my opinion, when you not only are dealing with a lot and complicating a situation or thought it just ends up bringing more stress and feelings of pressure, same as if you owned a lot of things, sure it may look nice and everything, but having a whole lot around you, especially when you’re trying to stay calm and deal with things the simple way, you find that can have an affect in someways.

I think with simple, everyones definition for it differs, I feel if things were too simple, it might leave you bouncing off the walls, but I also know that if things are too hectic it will drive you up the walls as well……… i’m thinking that maybe, with simple, there has to be a balance with it, so however you make simple work for you, then I guess things will be fine, i’d say it’s a little simply complicated, but not too complicated I guess………

All The Love ❤ ❤


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