First Journal…..

Update: Hey everyone, hope you’re all well and enjoying the day just giving you a heads up, I wrote this post a few days ago, can’t remember when exactly, I think I wrote this Thursday or Wednesday, one of those days. In this post i’ll be sharing a small story on my very first journal and speaking about journals in general.

I don’t know exactly when I first started writing, I think I just randomly picked it up somehow, i’m not sure………I think the first thing I ever wrote was a random story I made up while playing with some dolls I had when I was younger, yeah I know. I would always make stuff up when playing with them, but there was this one day where something in me was like, “maybe you should write this down”, I think I had them pretend they were in a school play and I guess I wanted it to be real and so I remember writing the lines, well words that I was saying out loud in this notebook that I had.

I actually had to re-write the story in a really huge notebook because in the notebook I originally wrote it in, it started coming apart and the pencil was fading from it as well, so I had to switch it over. Now the story was the first thing I wrote, but not in a journal, the first journal that was given to me was from my mom, I guess she noticed I was starting to write a lot and so she bought a journal for me, it’s a red one and I actually still have it, when she gave it to me, she wrote a long note in it, which was nice.

I still have that note as well, however the page she wrote it on ripped from the journal, but I still kept it though as a nice memory. I got it when I was around 13, I think I was still in middle school when she gave it to me, I never had an actual personal journal before so I was a little excited when I got it, I ended up writing my songs in there.

I started writing songs around age 13 as well, I believe the first song I ever wrote was a song called Don’t Let Me Go, I don’t remember the lyrics to it, but I still have the song so I can just look back at it……..I use to write a whole lot of songs, at the time of course you think they make sense and then you look back at them when you’re older and you realize they didn’t or you feel they weren’t as good as you thought they were when you wrote it originally.

Anytime I find myself down memory land, looking back at all those songs, some of them are surprising to me and some of them are like “What was I thinking when I wrote this” not all of them are like that though, there’s a good amount of them that I actually still like lyric wise, but if there’s certain lyrics I don’t like or i’m not sure about, then I think to myself “I might change that later” but some are okay, the other ones I keep away if I don’t like them completely.

Ever since I got my first actual journal, I just started becoming obsessed with journals all together, I think it’s because in my opinion, journals are like this precious thing to you once you are either given one or you get one and because you know it’s yours, it becomes very personal to you to where you never want it out of your sight, plus there’s just something about owning a journal. You can write about anything you want when having a journal, you don’t have to give it a specific personality, you could just go to town with it, it gives you this sense of comfort, stability, connection and it lets you choose what it is you want it to be.

You know what I love!? I love when you see a journal or when you’re holding a journal and right away you know exactly what you’re going to put in it, that feeling and sense of knowing is one of my favorite things. You do however, have some journals where you don’t know what to fill in it, some are easy to decide and others are a little harder, I have a lot of journals and a lot of them i’ve already figured out what their gonna be and then I have some where I still think what I want them to say, my point is I just love journals!!

They let you express yourself in ways that are endless and you have the choice and power to give them a voice of love and light or maybe you want them to say words that you feel you can’t or don’t want to say out loud. It’s crazy because we all know that ever since technology came into our lives, we only ever use that, when we’re feeling something or we need to write something down we don’t think of grabbing a journal or a piece of paper, we just add it to our notes in our phones or deal with it, which is fine, but I always feel having a little journal or a notebook of some sort, can come in handy for when you’re unable to use your phone or computer.

This probably went off track a whole lot, but thinking about how I even got into writing (even though i’m not sure what made me want to start writing) and also where I started with my very first journal, I think that’s why I love and appreciate them so much, it gave me this voice that I didn’t really know I had and it let me also express myself in a whole lot of different ways, not just with my thoughts, it let me express myself with lyrics, ideas, stories, dreams, even reviews for a good while.

I owe a lot to writing and journals, they really became a huge part of my life, which you wouldn’t think that something so……..simple we’ll say, would really be that big to you, but it is, well for some it is, which is a little crazy to think, but also not as well you know!? I know writing and journals aren’t for everyone and that’s alright, but I still think they’re great. Last thing, you know what I realize!? when you’re saying things out loud not a lot of people listen or take notice as much, unless you’re one of those people who, when you walk into a room everyone has their attention on you, like you make them listen, you know what I mean!?

For those who keep to themselves though and don’t have that confidence to approach people or things that way, to have something like journals or anything creative where everything they want to say out loud, but just aren’t able to, they can just put it into something else like their art or writing and you don’t know it because they do it in a way that, if you want to figure out what they’re trying to say, you have to either read it, listen to it or look at it very closely, for you to be able to speak their language and understand their mind and feelings, which I think is very fascinating.

Do you or have you ever owned a journal and if so, what was your first ever journal and what kind of stuff did you write in it!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


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