In my head…..trying to sort through this scattered mind of mine.

Thinking…..just wanting to understand…..if only you knew how much I actually think, a never ending task if I do say so myself.

However i’m trying to not think about what is going in my head too much, i’m trying to sort everything out in a calmly manner without going into an overload of thoughts……

I feel like i’m getting something, but i’m still unsure……..

That’s why i’m trying to really lay everything out just so I can keep better track of my thoughts and just my scattered mind all together.

They say if you’re having trouble figuring out something, brainstorming might help… that’s what i’m trying to do…..i’m just trying to understand and look at it differently to how I normally would handle things……..

Hopefully, i’ll have a “eureka” kind of moment or a better and clearer understanding on the thoughts that i’m trying to sort through……..

I know and feel I can get it, I just have to not over analyze it once I do get it and not over stress it if I feel i’m not getting it right away.

I just need to brainstorm this……

I know that when I finally do get it though, i’ll need to act on it quick, before my brain catches up and realizes what’s actually going on……

All The Love ❤ ❤


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