March 18, 2019

In my head I think………..and what is it I think you ask or wonder!? I think of where it is that i’m heading, what I should be doing and you know what!? I’ve been thinking this for a few years now……..i’m 24 in 2 months, pretty insane to think about when you still find yourself thinking on so much…….

They say you shape your own reality and the way i’ve been shaping mine, I know that it’s in need for a change, you know what they say when you feel or question whether you’re doing things right, it’s probably because you aren’t doing things right………right!? If you’re doing your best then you have nothing to worry about they say, am I doing my best, why do I have to always ask myself that question!?

Is it because we’re curious or do we actually feel that we aren’t!? Listening to everyone, seeing everyone and wondering what are their lives like, how do they do it, how did they do it!? Why should we even care, why do we even care, it’s us we should be focusing on, it us we should be asking ourselves how did we do that………but when you can’t ask yourself that, it can make you feel like your failing or you’re just not getting it……….

Mindset, it’s all in the mindset they tell you……….sometimes the mindset isn’t the greatest, but you have to dig deep and keep trying to find a way to get through to it, because deep down it knows, just like deep down you know………’s okay to ask yourself if you’re doing your best, it’s alright to wonder, but when you do just try and stay calm, because you know just as well as I do, stressing and thinking, never go well together…………

Just listen, try not to think so much, write things out if you have to!! When things are on paper you find that it can be easier to take in, but when it’s in your head it’s a little harder because everything just starts being scattered around everywhere, take a breath (like that Jonas Brothers song……if you don’t know it, just take a breath anyway)

If you find yourself freaking out more just relax…………keep your mind as calm as you can………there’s no need to go looking for what to do, you know what it is you want to do, it’s on your mind everyday without you even realizing it, all you need to do is believe that you can do it, believe that it will go well if you just give it a chance………..

I know it may be scary to see yourself as this person your afraid you won’t be able to live up to, but it’s time you come face to face and meet that person, believe me you have no idea how bad this person wants to meet you too!! You’re not this shy emotional person that you think you are……..

You have that light in you and that light has brought some great people in your life as well as other things………’s just really dim right now, but it doesn’t mean you can’t un dim it, you don’t need to be afraid of sharing that light you know, we all need a little light and you my friend, you’re one of the lights that we need, because whether you see it or not, you are needed…… wouldn’t be here if you weren’t………….

You are more then what you see and you are more than what you feel and think……… just have to feel and believe it for yourself, don’t let that wonder in you go positive wise, when it comes to the negatives though, you have to put it to the side……’s the only way that confidence in you will return and the only way you’ll get to meet and be that person you know deep down you are……………

All The Love ❤ ❤


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