Feb 13, 2019

Hey hey everyone hope you’re all doing well, I know that is is probably a random question and all, but have you guys ever had a moment where you randomly thought about something and gave yourself a facepalm, because it was one of those cringy moments or memories!?

I had that kind of moment today, don’t really know why, but yeah, it just randomly popped into my brain, I ended up laughing at myself and doing that weird “why did I do that or i’m so stupid” kind of face, you know the good ole’ cringy face thing, don’t you just hate when that happens……….

You’re just minding your mind and then your brain just randomly goes “Hey remember when you did this, remember when this happened…….that was so bad or weird” you then say to your brain “why did you remind me of that, was that really necessary!?”

Then you end up really thinking about that moment or memory for a good amount of time or sometimes even the whole rest of the day…………….it’s as if our brains like torturing us, you know!?………what can we do though right!? I mean we can try and ignore it, but we all know there’s always going to be days where we remember something we don’t expect to remember and sometimes it’s the memories we could’ve done without…………but hey!!

I mean if you really think about it though, I guess it’s those weird and cringy moments that kinda make the days not so bad if that makes sense!?I’d say 9 out of 10, those are the moments that make use laugh and smile the most………..even if in the moments of those memories, we’re shaking our heads and laughing to ourselves about it, while also facepalming our foreheads because of them.

Although sometimes, I think “why you do this brain!?” I gotta say I do also appreciate it, so thank you brain, you make me laugh, even if the memories you’re wanting me to remember are ones I didn’t need, but again I do really appreciate it…………the only thing I ask though is, could you………just try and keep the negative thoughts away, I don’t really like those too much, the cringy thoughts and moments are alright though, I can deal with those.

All The Love ❤ ❤


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