Jan 31, 2019

I don’t know if it’s just me or anything, but am I the only one that feels like the days going by both slowly and kinda quickly at the same time!? I know that probably sounds very weird and I know i’m probably not making any sense, but I just find it to be really weird………..like I know what I did during my morning, I remember it being 9am, 10am & 11am, saw a little bit of 12pm, a little bit of 1pm and now it’s literally close to 3pm, it’s only around 2:30pm so it’s not like the days zooming by, but it’s just really ODD!!

I feel like i’ve been writing all day and I know that I haven’t, I believe I started writing on here at around 12pm, I read a few different blog posts and then started writing, well not really started writing just like trying to finish some posts that I had started a few days ago and i’m still working on the same post………….I don’t know maybe it’s just me, i’m probably having a weird day or something, I had this post up for a while, well mainly just the title of the post, I knew it was going to be another entry, I just didn’t know what it was going to be about until a little bit ago actually so here we are.

I might have another post to write after I post this one, not sure, but you’ll know if you see it, but anyway I should get back to the other post I was working on that I stopped to write so I could come over to this once non written post and talk about how the day is just……..I don’t even know actually so yeah……..also I just realized that today is the last day of January………ain’t that nice!? We just got into this month and it’s already over, where is everything going, I have no idea, but it’s insane………WOW.

Just stay calm, breathe, do your best and keep going, stay calm, breathe, do your best and keep going……….Continues to repeat to self as she goes back to what she was originally doing. P.S. It is now 3pm where i’m at.

All The Love ❤ ❤


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