Jan 30, 2019

It’s nearly February now, where do the days go, I really don’t know………..I find myself in thought at the moment and i’m really trying to stay calm here, don’t you just hate it when things go from calm to chaos quicker than you have time to react!!? That’s my life, you never really know what kind of day you’re getting…………you try and stay calm, but you can never really stay calm for long, without something coming out of nowhere. I hate that feeling on not knowing what’s about to come at you, it always ends up putting me off what I should be focusing on and I hate it, I really hate it…………….

It makes my mind want to do backflips and then I start going on a thought frenzy and it ends up being hard for me to keep it from getting super out of control. I’m trying to keep calm though and not overthink on everything like I normally do…………I have to stay focus, I can’t keep letting myself get distracted and constantly worrying about everything, I need to focus on where I want to go and how I want things to work out, overthinking, worrying and looking too much into things is only going to keep me off track more.

I already worry on whether i’m on the right track, i’m hoping I am and i’m hoping i’m doing things alright, I know i’m doing my best and I need to keep that in mind without becoming super hard on myself, no overthinking or worrying or looking too much into things, just focus, breathe, stay calm and keep going, focus, breathe, stay calm and keep going……….everything’s going to be alright, relax, breathe and just keep doing your best, don’t you worry.

All The Love ❤ ❤


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