Okay so last night I was in a bit of a thought mode, i’m trying to figure out what else I can add into my blog site, I want to be able to liven it up and do a bit more with it. When I created this blog site, I wanted it to be different I wanted this to be a place where I could not only express myself, but also share some fun topics and a lot of different things with you guys, instead of just keeping it centered around one thing you know!?

I’m always coming up with all these different ideas and want to share them with you all, but a lot of the time, I stop myself from sharing those ideas, because I don’t think they’d be interesting, but at the same time when you have ideas, you should want to share them, I mean you never know who shares the same interest or what could come of it just by sharing.

There’s some things that I could and might think of adding to here, but I want it to be stuff to where when i’m writing it, i’m enjoying it and not just writing it just for the heck of it you know!? I want it where, you can feel that what i’m talking about or what i’m sharing with you guys, you can feel just by reading that it means a lot to me.

However, at the same time……….I also want to write about things that you guys who are reading my posts enjoy too, if that makes sense!?……….even though this is my blog site, i’m not the only one seeing my posts, you guys are as well and I want you guys to feel included and enjoy what you’re reading from me, because you guys are just as much apart of this site growing than just me.

I may have created it, but you guys have and are still helping me grow it and I want you to know how much I appreciate you guys for being here and how thankful and grateful I am that you guys are enjoying my posts.

So i’m going to let you guys share some ideas if you’d like to, on what else I could bring to this blog site, to where we all are able to enjoy it. Now i’m not the greatest writer and I don’t really know the whole technical stuff when it comes to building a blog site or anything like that, but i’m always trying to do my best at bringing topics where we can all have a conversation and share our thoughts and ideas and stuff like that, so if you have any fun ideas that you may want to suggest, feel free to, i’m open to hearing about it.

Here’s a little list of ideas that I have already added to my blog site:

Entries/Journal Entries: Where I talk about what’s on my mind and talk other topics.

Poems: Where I attempt to write what I think is a poem and share them on here (recent add in)

Reviews: We’ve only did songs and I tried to review an album, but yeah…..that didn’t go well, but with the reviews though we would only focus on song interpretation with a small review on the artist whose song we’re interpreting and i’ve been thinking about trying to review wrestling again, but having them only be written reviews.

I’m still on the fence with that one, because I don’t know if i’m going to be watching often, but we’ll see with this, however i’ve kinda already wrote two reviews and i’m still working on them, but i’m still not sure with it.

Uncategorized: This one will just be random posts that aren’t meant to really be in a specific category.

Let’s Talks: Where we just talk about specific fun topics such as Video games kinda, favorite movies and other things as well.

So those are just the main categories so far, I kinda want to keep it simple, so if you have any ideas within these categories, feel free to share, again i’d love to hear about it!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


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