When is something a hobby and when can you consider something not to be a hobby and instead something you should invest in for yourself!? We all have different things we may consider a hobby, be it sports, painting or just collecting things for the heck of it, but how do you know when something is just a hobby and how do you know when you should maybe take the thing you find yourself doing the most and see what can come out of it!?

You see i’ve had a lot of different hobbies in my day, I say in my day as if i’m really old or something haha, i’m still in my early 20’s and if you didn’t know that, well now you do……….i’ve been trying to figure a lot of things out for myself and I can never really seem to figure it out quite right, i’m always thinking on a lot of different things and I can never decide on what it is I want to do………

I’ll be honest it’s a little frustrating when it comes to figuring that out, you constantly ask yourself if what you’re doing is for you and all those kind of thoughts and everything……….and then you just find yourself thinking about all these other things that in all reality, don’t really relate to the things you were originally thinking about, what i’m writing about now is an example, I started writing about hobbies and now i’m here talking about this, i’m hoping it still ties in to what i’m talking about though and makes sense.

Going back to hobbies though, again how do you know if what you’re doing is just a hobby or if you should consider investing in yourself and taking what you find yourself doing the most and seeing what comes out of it!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


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