Jan 29, 2019

So we’re having a bit of a snow day where I am at the moment and it’s only Tuesday………the days going alright, not to bad you know, I don’t really have much to write about when it comes to this entry here, i’m kinda just writing whatever comes to me as i’m writing, sometimes I feel that when there isn’t anything you really have or want to say, sometimes just writing and seeing what comes out as you’re going along tends to work.

That being said though, i’m kinda having a bit of trouble with writing down thoughts here, the only thoughts i’ve had today were random thought, you know stuff like how you want to start your day or how you shouldn’t have had 4 cookies and 2 brownies as a midnight snack haha, well those are the thoughts that I had this morning………….you ever just talk to yourself about things!? I tend to do that all the time, i’m always talking to myself.

I know that probably sounds weird and everything, but come on we all talk to ourselves at times, they say it’s actually healthy for the mind you know, just having a casual conversation with yourself……..no i’m kidding when I talk to myself it’s mainly because i’m thinking out loud, I don’t really know how to think in my head, also I try not to think in my head too much, by me doing that i’ll just end up staying there for a long period of time and yeah wouldn’t want to do that.

I always prefer when i’m thinking out loud because I don’t know, I guess for me it just helps me think better doing it that way. I know everyone’s different though, some think better to themselves, others think better out loud and some have different ways of thinking, which is pretty interesting if you really think about it, all the ways you try and figure things out you know!?

Wow can’t believe i’ve written this much already, i’m saying that as if i’ve never written this much in my life……….I just meant as when you’re freely writing is all and didn’t have anything prepared, you know that kind of writing, who would’ve thought that it would be all about the different ways of thinking though…….I guess just writing and seeing what comes out really does tend to work, ain’t that something!!

So tell me, how do you guys prefer to think!? Out loud, to yourself or do you have a different way of thinking and figuring things out!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


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