March 19, 2019

Green like the forest, blue like the sea and when it comes to the other colors, just throw them all on a canvas and see if you can find something in it that speaks to you, see if you’re able to see something else within all that paint. If you can, tell me what you see or if it’s a personal thing just tell yourself what you see instead, how does it make you feel, what does that hidden image mean to you!? Try and connect with it if you can………….

You might be wondering why I just wrote all of that, well i’m trying something different, instead of thinking about what exactly to write about, i’m just having it to where, words are just being added as I go along, it may not make sense, but what’s the harm in just writing a few random words, or just wanting to see what comes out of you and why it’s coming out of you!?

Just like painters sometimes just throw paint on a canvas to see what comes out of it, i’m just trying to throw random words together to see what it comes out to be later………sure I may look at this and be like “what the heck is this, this doesn’t make any sense!?” but at least it’ll be something to read back and go “oh remember when I wrote this, come to think of it……..

Why did I write this!?” the best part about that is, I can go and look back and have it where I try and remember what mood I was in when I decided to write this weird post or go back and try and figure out if whether there was some kind of meaning behind it somehow……….it may not be, but who knows maybe if I read it back, i’ll have a different kind of interpretation for it……’s like when a painter creates a new painting, in the moment as they’re painting it, they don’t really know what it is their exactly painting…..

They just go based off a mood they’re feeling or are inspired by something……’s not until their finished with that painting to where they then come up with some kind of interpretation for it. Sometimes that interpretation may change over time to them, depending on whether they still feel the same about it or if they may see it differently……….

It’s all in the eyes of the artist and how they feel on it, so when it comes to this post, right now, i’m not really sure what my meaning for it is, I just know I felt like writing it, now when I read it back in second, whatever my interpretation for it is after, that’ll be what the meaning of it is, now if I ever decide to read this back later however, i’ll probably feel the same about it ooor i’ll change my mind and it’ll have a whole new meaning to it, i’ll let you know if I ever return to this post in an update………..

All The Love ❤ ❤


Jan 29, 2019

So we’re having a bit of a snow day where I am at the moment and it’s only Tuesday………the days going alright, not to bad you know, I don’t really have much to write about when it comes to this entry here, i’m kinda just writing whatever comes to me as i’m writing, sometimes I feel that when there isn’t anything you really have or want to say, sometimes just writing and seeing what comes out as you’re going along tends to work.

That being said though, i’m kinda having a bit of trouble with writing down thoughts here, the only thoughts i’ve had today were random thought, you know stuff like how you want to start your day or how you shouldn’t have had 4 cookies and 2 brownies as a midnight snack haha, well those are the thoughts that I had this morning………….you ever just talk to yourself about things!? I tend to do that all the time, i’m always talking to myself.

I know that probably sounds weird and everything, but come on we all talk to ourselves at times, they say it’s actually healthy for the mind you know, just having a casual conversation with yourself…… i’m kidding when I talk to myself it’s mainly because i’m thinking out loud, I don’t really know how to think in my head, also I try not to think in my head too much, by me doing that i’ll just end up staying there for a long period of time and yeah wouldn’t want to do that.

I always prefer when i’m thinking out loud because I don’t know, I guess for me it just helps me think better doing it that way. I know everyone’s different though, some think better to themselves, others think better out loud and some have different ways of thinking, which is pretty interesting if you really think about it, all the ways you try and figure things out you know!?

Wow can’t believe i’ve written this much already, i’m saying that as if i’ve never written this much in my life……….I just meant as when you’re freely writing is all and didn’t have anything prepared, you know that kind of writing, who would’ve thought that it would be all about the different ways of thinking though…….I guess just writing and seeing what comes out really does tend to work, ain’t that something!!

So tell me, how do you guys prefer to think!? Out loud, to yourself or do you have a different way of thinking and figuring things out!?

All The Love ❤ ❤