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Happy Saturday, hope you all are having a good day!! Now I know that I haven’t properly talked about this so I thought I’d have this post be the introduction for it…..a late introduction, but an introduction nonetheless!! Now in case a lot of you don’t already know I went ahead and created a podcast, some of you may already know if you’ve read some of my latest posts, but if you didn’t…..I have a podcast now, it’s called Daydreamer’s Podcast and I created it out of curiosity, I was actually writing a post and had just finished posting that post when I saw an opportunity to be able to turn a post into a podcast episode and so that’s exactly what I did, so I kind of have WordPress to thank for giving me the idea of creating one, I only have 2 episodes right now, but so far I’ve been enjoying myself,

I have found that I actually get pretty excited to record the next episode, which is something that comes rarely for me, but this is something I kind of been wanting to do for a bit of a while now, I tend to talk quite a bit and sometimes a lot of the things I want to share can be too long to write in a post and so I thought this was the perfect thing to give a try, It’s something I’ve always thought of doing and it’s something that has literally presented itself to me and why not give it a shot!!

Now the content to my new Podcast is going to be a bit of everything in the sense to the way I do it here on my blog, it’s pretty much interest based, so for example music, video games and sometimes serious topics that I feel I want to share upon and discuss a bit about…..sometimes I’ll even incorporate some blog post topic for the days where I feel I want to express a bit more, the two episodes that are up now were based off two blog posts, but it’s stuff like that! I just want to create a place that everyone can just hang out and hopefully have a good time!! I already recorded a third episode which should be up pretty soon, but if you guys are curious and would like to check out the last two episodes of my podcast, that would really mean a lot to me, you can have a listen to both episodes here:

The Latest Episode:

Ice Breaker (A Blog Post)- Ep. 1

Let’s Talk: 1 Year Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Ep. 2

For those who do manage to check it out the podcast, first I just want to say I appreciate it in advance and I hope you all enjoy the episodes that you decide to give a listen to, with that said, Welcome to The Daydreamer’s Podcast, I’ll be your host, Alexa, but you can just call me Lex or Lexa, I prefer it anyway! I hope you’re all able to enjoy the content and atmosphere that I do my best to bring to this podcast, hope I can get some of you to hang around and stay a while!! ^_^

All The Love ❤ ❤



When is something a hobby and when can you consider something not to be a hobby and instead something you should invest in for yourself!? We all have different things we may consider a hobby, be it sports, painting or just collecting things for the heck of it, but how do you know when something is just a hobby and how do you know when you should maybe take the thing you find yourself doing the most and see what can come out of it!?

You see i’ve had a lot of different hobbies in my day, I say in my day as if i’m really old or something haha, i’m still in my early 20’s and if you didn’t know that, well now you do……….i’ve been trying to figure a lot of things out for myself and I can never really seem to figure it out quite right, i’m always thinking on a lot of different things and I can never decide on what it is I want to do………

I’ll be honest it’s a little frustrating when it comes to figuring that out, you constantly ask yourself if what you’re doing is for you and all those kind of thoughts and everything……….and then you just find yourself thinking about all these other things that in all reality, don’t really relate to the things you were originally thinking about, what i’m writing about now is an example, I started writing about hobbies and now i’m here talking about this, i’m hoping it still ties in to what i’m talking about though and makes sense.

Going back to hobbies though, again how do you know if what you’re doing is just a hobby or if you should consider investing in yourself and taking what you find yourself doing the most and seeing what comes out of it!?

All The Love ❤ ❤