“Why do we like to hurt so much!?” That’s the question that Paramore sung about in their song That’s What You Get from their album Riot. It’s a good question at that as well, why do we like hurting so much!? Is it because it’s an easier feeling to hold on to!? or it is because deep down we secretly like when we hurt!? So many questions, yet not really enough answers to them. I’m not quite sure whether to consider hurt and pain the same thing, I think they are the same, but I think they’re also different in a sense too, which would make them one in the same I guess you can say.

I mean when you feel hurt there’s some kind of pain involved and when you’re in pain, you’re hurting, I think it’s only different in the way you’re using it, you know like context wise which makes it confusing, but anyway another part to the song That’s What You Get by Paramore goes: “Pain, make your way to me, to me and i’ll always be just so inviting” 

When you really think about this line, what she sings here is actually very true, we’re always so easy to let any pain we’re feeling stay longer than it needs to, we don’t ever tell the pain and hurt to go away, it’s like we crave some kind of pain in a way and that’s the crazy part, why!? Why let pain and hurt stay around when we know it’s not doing us any good!? That would explain why we’re not satisfied with a lot of things and why it is we feel unhappy all the time………….it’s just easy to feel and deal with pain, then any other better emotions that we have. Why do we question and wonder why it is that we can’t feel happy, why we can’t feel joy or laugh and smile!?

Why are those the hardest things to feel, but pain and hurt isn’t!? The fact that we have to wonder that, should say a lot shouldn’t it!? We let it in like nothing and a lot of the time it comes around, half of the time it doesn’t even knock, it’s just there and when it does leave, it doesn’t go away permanently and it won’t go away, it’s always going to be there, but we shouldn’t have to keep letting it in so easy when it does decide to show up.

So is there even an answer to why we like hurting so much!? I don’t know, there could be, but I don’t know the answer to it………… me it’s unknown why we prefer to hurt then to not hurt, I think we prefer it because it’s easier, but then again it’s like we feel more pain inside, yet try and hide it as if we’re always happy and that everything’s alright, it always circles around in someway doesn’t it!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


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