Jan 2, 2019

So, i’ll be honest with you here, I don’t really have a specific topic to talk about today, the day has been alright………….it’s going by okay, it’s only day 2 of January, the first day went by really quickly at least for me it did, I don’t know about you guys, hopefully you all had a pretty decent day yesterday and if not I hope you’re all having a better one today. I’m not sure whether to consider these entries of some kind, but if you want to call them entries you can………..it’s really crazy how quickly the year went even though it’s only January 2, you really don’t know how quick times goes until you’ve actually stopped and looked at everything.

I’ve been trying to work on not stressing myself out, I did that a lot last year (a bit weird to say, it still feels like 2018 is still here a bit) i’ve been trying to stay calm and be a little kinder to myself, so far I feel i’m doing okay, I do get feelings of stress, but i’m trying to deal with it better and keep myself from stressing out completely. I feel trying to keep calm helps you deal with everything better or a little bit better at least, i’ll be frank with you guys I was a little full on nerves earlier, but that was because I wasn’t sure what to write about and I was also trying to keep my mind from taking over.

I ended up singing to myself when I felt I was getting too nervous or stressed which is probably a bit weird I know, but it helped and the song that I sang to myself I wrote down in a little journal I have. I haven’t actually told you guys, but i’ve been writing a lot of new songs lately, mainly lyrics, that’s all I ever really write, I don’t really know how to write music for the lyrics, I just write the lyrics with whatever melody comes to mind when singing the lyrics that are also coming to mind.

I know I expressed to you before how I use to write songs, but I never told you about how I just randomly started writing lyrics again, but I thought i’d share that with you, a lot of the new songs that i’ve written though aren’t really finished yet, they’re still in the process of being written, but they’re not fully done though, that’s only because I didn’t have any other lyrics to write with them, but i’m sure they’ll come to me later if it’s important.

Music’s great, especially when they have some kind of meaning to you, you can sing a song and it will either go with your mood or be a song that makes you feel better if you’re feeling a certain way, sometimes you’ll just sing a song randomly and not know why you’re sing it, but you continue because why not right!? I don’t have a lot of thoughts today sorry about that, i’d love to be able to write you guys something you can relate to or something interesting, but today for me is just a writing kind of day if that makes sense, everything is just full of trying to be calm, but also stressing a bit, yet trying to not stress out a whole lot, it’s also filled with figuring stuff out.

Tell me about your day in the comments, i’d love to hear about it. I hope it’s filled with good things and if not I hope you’re keeping together alright.

All The Love ❀ ❀


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