My Inspiration Has Run Dry, That’s What’s Going On……Care To Share A Little!?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and I hope the weekend is being good to you……….if you’re wondering, yes I just quoted a song, you may know it as Torn by Natalie Imbruglia (i’m not quite sure how to pronounce her last name actually ha) it’s a good song though and I enjoy the way she sings the song, however my favorite version is One Direction’s version, I like the way Harry sings that part of the song (the title of this blog) it’s so good if you want to hear it i’ll leave it here : One Direction – Torn (Natalie Imbruglia cover in the Live Lounge) If you’ve already heard both versions, tell me which one you prefer!? I personally like both versions I think they’re both great, although I would lean towards One Directions take on it a little bit more.

Anyway that’s not what I wanted to talk about, even though I did open up with that, what I did want to talk about though is inspiration and not quite having it most of the time…… you may all know I always only write one blog post when I write, I don’t always post what I write though, sometimes i’ll just write, but won’t always post it, which I know isn’t any good, because you’re mean’t to always write and post at least something new even if it’s not everyday when blogging……..When it comes to writing all the time though, I don’t always have the inspiration to write and I like to write on topics that inspire me and whatever comes to mind for me, which i’m sure that a lot of you can relate to, but i’m also sure you know what it’s like to want to write, but not quite have the inspiration to do so.

It can be very frustrating when you go to write a new blog post, but once you’re staring at that blank unwritten page, you then feel stuck and find that like the title of this blog post you’ve completely run yourself dry of inspiration, which can then put you in a not so great mood and sometimes it’ll have your mind going into all sorts of states mainly the “So what do I do now!?” kind of mind and that is the state that i’m in at the moment along with, is it wrong to ask for a little inspiration if you feel that you might need some a little!? Some may say it is and some may say it’s not, me…..i’m not sure……due to the fact that I find it weird to ask and i’m not sure if I should feel that way or not!?…….

What are your thoughts on asking for a little inspiration when you just don’t have any, do you think that we should ask sometimes or should we just suck it up and come back when we do have something!?

As much as i’d like to write more, this is actually all I have for now………I think I just passed my recent record on shortest blog post with this one ha, I know that is not my best writing sorry about that, maybe i’ll have something later who knows, but for now I hope that you all are having a lovely day and that you have a goodnight/morning and or evening 🙂


All The Love ❤ ❤



Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash 

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