Very First Poll…Trying Something New!

Hiya! Hope you all are having a very good day, enjoying your Tuesday, for some reason it doesn’t really feel like Tuesday it feels more like Monday, although Monday wasn’t really my best day, so lets not have it feel like Monday yeah!? Anyway I got something new and different that I wanted to try…..I kind of JUST discovered this today and I’ve been at this blog for 2 years now nearly 3, it’ll be 3 next month which I’m still like woah about you know!?

But you’d think that’d understand these blocks that WordPress has or would have known a lot about them seeing that I’ve had this blog for a while now….but no, it was June 22, 2021 when I discovered this, hey sometimes you discover things a little later which is fine lol! I’m excited though, because this is going to be the first time EVER where I’m asking you guys for help/advice to what I should post next….never done that before so I’m a little nervous and I’m hoping that you’ll join me on this new experience and have a little fun with it as well because that’s what this blog site is about to bring a little fun when I’m able to, for you guys as well as other things that may be of help and just something that you can enjoy reading with a bit of personal thoughts from myself here and there, in this case though, it’s just for fun!

Who knows though depending on how those of you reading this post respond and whether you see this and want to join in or not, I might just have it be a new add in feature to my posts if you like it, probably not all the time, but when I feel a little unsure what to do, I’ll ask this way, which by the way, I don’t do often, I normally don’t ask for help so I’m hoping this works and is okay and I’m hoping you enjoy yourself as well, so on to the questions!

Those are the questions that I have for you guys to help me decide on, like I said I’m nervous I’ve never done this before, but I’m excited, if you’ve heard of any of these Disney Channel movies (DCOM’s) go with your favorite, if you’ve not really heard of any of these movies, you could go with the one that sounds good to you, whatever you get drawn to first, whatever calls you or we can try something different instead of picking one, if you want you could comment on this post on your favorite Disney movie or soundtrack, we’ll keep it on Disney Channel Movies/Soundtracks so we have a theme going, I’ll probably know a good amount, I watched a lot of Disney growing up, but if it’s new Disney…..

Well I’ll be doing research haha! If somethings familiar based off the comments to your favorites, I’ll pick one out of a hat/bowl/mug and choose that way or do another poll and have you guys decide, I guess we’ll just see how this goes, it doesn’t hurt to try right!? I’ll leave you guys to it, I’ll probably write another post in a moment, maybe after I’ve had lunch on what I don’t know, I’ll figure something out, enjoy yourselves!

All The Love ❤ ❤


One More Time And This Time We’re Gonna Do Our Best To Get It Right

I’m kinda having a hard time figuring out exactly what to write here, but i’m just gonna let it come to me as i’m writing this so hopefully, everything that is written here makes sense. We’ll start with the title…….So just like I wasn’t sure what to write, I actually wasn’t sure what to title this and then you know, as I was thinking, I got the idea of this title and the reason why that is, is because it reminded me of a song that i’m sure a lot of you might know it’s called One More Time by Daft Punk and thinking of that song reminded me of one my best friends, so that’s why I titled it the way I did.

One more time for what you may ask, well……it can be for a lot of different things, but for me i’d say it’s more on the let’s try and do this one more time and see if we can do it right this time kind of thing, hence why I combined the two into one title. Sometimes we try something and either it doesn’t work out at first, we kinda leave it for later for too long or we’re just a little hesitant to pick up where it is that we once started and left off, because we’re either scared, or we’re not sure whether we should or not.

That’s why the title here is a little important, well at least to me it is, because it can be a reminder and can give us a little boost of encouragement to possibly just try one more time and see if we’re able to do things better with whatever it is that we want to re-try this time around. Just because we leave certain things be for a bit or a good while, it doesn’t mean that we can’t go back and give it another try. Sometimes you learn that, you know, leaving something on the shelf for a good amount time and then later coming back to it, it might just end up being better, because then the feeling it once gave you will feel like a whole new feeling and it’ll feel like you’ve just discovered it for the first time again, if that makes sense!? It’s okay to be so big on something once and then kinda leave it for a bit and then later possibly (if you wanted) come to it. It’s gonna happen, but it doesn’t mean we’ll completely dismiss it especially when it was once important to us.

I mean hey, even the best people such as artists, writers and so many others, i’m sure they all had an idea that they continuously worked on, but then later decided that it just wasn’t right at the moment, so they ended up putting it away for a bit and when they felt they wanted to come back to it, they did and maybe for them it worked out better that way…….i’m just hoping that this time it will work out better for me, but I know that it’s my job to make sure that it does and even if I feel that something’s not working, I should at least still do my best to make the most of it and not back out so quickly.


All The Love ❤ ❤



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Answering My Own Questions To My Last Post (Asked By JanBeek)

So I wrote a blog post the other day asking some random questions just to kinda get to know you guys a bit, see what kind of stuff you guys wanted to share. Now i’ll be honest didn’t quite get a lot of sharing happening, which I kinda expected to happen, but that’s okay. I did get one comment however, which was very nice, I was super happy that someone took the time to share their thoughts and answer the questions I left.

The comment that I got was from a very nice lady by the name of Jan Beek, she’s also a writer, I learned some pretty nice stuff from reading her comment, I learned that she use to be a clarinetist and about her love for classical music which was very nice to learn, because I too enjoy classical music from time to time. I also learned of a new artist name Jimmy Dorsey, I wasn’t sure whether i’ve heard of him or not so I went and looked him up and found out he was an American clarinetist back in the 1950’s, pretty cool right!? I thought it was cool.

There was a lot of other stuff I learned, like how she writes better by listening to the sound of her cuckoo clock, she explained how the rhythm of the clock helps her more with her writing which was very different, but also very interesting. I learned about her ideal workspace, what her muse is, uhhh, she talked about how she always wanted to have her own all-girl group back in the day, because with the band that she liked listening to, it was an all male group, there was a lot, it was very fascinating and I really enjoyed learning about her.

After she gave her answers, she then asked me what my answers were to my own questions, so I thought i’d share my answers as a post and give credit to her for the idea while also sharing a bit of her story with you guys. She’s a very lovely lady, but anyway let’s move on to my answers…….i’m not sure how this is gonna go, but we’ll soon see.

Okay here we go (I copied my questions here so I could answer them properly):

Question #1: For those who write, do you listen to music while your writing!? If so what’s your go to playlist or artist that you enjoy listening to, if you don’t listen to music are there any other things you like to have as background noise or do you just enjoy no background noise at all when you write!?

I do listen to music when I write, not always though, i’d say most times maybe…….sometimes though I won’t even have music playing in the background, i’ll just write in complete silence, while listening to my own voice as i’m typing what I want to say. I feel it helps when i’m saying what i’m writing out loud, because then i’m able to get everything out to where it makes sense you know!?

My go to playlist for when I write, is actually a playlist I mention before called Jukebox Typewriter…….I haven’t listened to it in a while though, lately i’ve been listening to one of my favorite bands that I also mentioned PVRIS, ummm i’ve written to their songs before, I just listen to anything that gets me into the mood of writing really.

Question #2: If you were in a band, what would you name your band, what would the genre of your music be and if you had to pick anyone (favorite artist, friends ect…) to be in it, who would you chose and what instruments would you have them play!?

Okay I might’ve reached the hardest question that I asked you guys……*takes a deep breath and then releases* Alright here we go……if I had a band what would I name it!? It’s funny I use to always think about this when I was younger, uhhh…….gee I don’t know……..I think if I were to have a band, i’d probably name it something random, you know to kinda go with my personality (hmmm actually that’s not a bad name) if I ever go making a band though, i’ll let you guys know what i’ve named it haha.

What would the genre be!? I feel with me as a person, i’d probably would go with like a mixture of pop, but with the feel of country music added to it or some kind of sound that fits more with me. I love and enjoy music so much, I always do my best to give everything a chance, but i’ve always been drawn to meaningful kind of music, I love songs with meaning and to where I can relate to the lyrics, however if I like the feel to a song and I feel it’s the right kind of catchy to me, I can jam with it too.

When it comes to the people I would have in my band and the instruments they’d play!?i’m not sure, whoever wanted to join in and be apart of it would be great and whatever instrument they choose to play would be up to them, however I wouldn’t mind having a piano player and a person who plays the guitar (preferably acoustic) because those are my two favorite kind of instruments to listen to, there’s just something about them.

Question #3: If you had to create the perfect (in your book) workspace whether you’re a writer, artist (musician, drawer, painter ect…) maybe you want a space just for reading, how would you create that space!?

If I was writing and I had to make up my ideal workspace I would like it to have a cozy feel to it, you know a place where I could not only write, but also escape to if I needed to de stress or relax a bit. Maybe also have a nice view to something, like a wide backyard or just something that when I look at it, I feel calm. I’d also go with a space where I could hang some paintings or posters, as well as have spaces for books while listening to my favorite kind of music and have it be a place where I could get lost in for a while.

Question #4: If you had a muse to write about (it doesn’t have to be writing, it can be anything) What would it be and how would you describe it!? 

Okay remember when I said the band one was hard, yeeeeeah I think this one might top it………if I had a muse to write about, it would be between maybe music and the feeling of it or maybe about love. I’ve had a few muses before, to where I was inspired to write about them, but if I had to pick a muse…….hmmmm…….I feel it would all be based on how i’m feeling in the moment, It could be about love, music, a favorite artist of mine, anything that resonates with me in the moment, so a bit of everything i’d say, I hope that makes sense.

Question #5: If someone came to you and said “Hey I need some advice” what kind of advice do you think they’d ask for knowing your own personality and how would you give them that advice!?

Last question okay here we go……..

I give a lot of advice, so if someone were to say “hey could you give me some advice” knowing how I am, I probably would give them advice on topics like……..Progress and growing, learning to believe in yourself as well as taking care of yourself when you need to, just you know, life stuff I guess. I’m not the best advice giver, but I always try my best to give the best advice that I can.

Which is weird because i’m still learning things as i’m going along and sometimes with advice you can give it to someone, but not really take it in yourself. There’s a saying that goes “You should take your own advice” when it comes to taking in your own advice, that can be hard, because it’s like some of us are able to give advice easily to people, but when it comes to taking it in yourself it’s different for some reason.

I guess when you give the advice, it may reach the person you’re telling, but that advice might come back to you a little later for you to take in. it’s hard to wrap your head around, but it’s how it is sometimes. Going back to the part though where I ask how would I give that advice, I’d just do my best to help whoever i’m giving advice to on whatever the topic happens to be about. I think it’ll always just be about doing your best and doing all you can to make sure you’re happy and going with what fits you, i’m still learning to take my own advice and everything, i’m not perfect, no ones perfect really, but I do try and that’s all I can really do.

I hope all of this was okay JanBeek and to everyone else reading this, if anyone else want to answer the questions I have, it’s there, but a big thank you to Jan for sharing her answers with me and being the inspiration or muse to today’s blog post, it really means a lot so thank you again. She has a blog site if you want to check her out, you should, she’s lovely, you can find her site here: Show Jan Some Love and Support!!

Anyway, I hope you all have a great night/morning and or evening ^_^


All The Love ❤ ❤



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My Inspiration Has Run Dry, That’s What’s Going On……Care To Share A Little!?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well and I hope the weekend is being good to you……….if you’re wondering, yes I just quoted a song, you may know it as Torn by Natalie Imbruglia (i’m not quite sure how to pronounce her last name actually ha) it’s a good song though and I enjoy the way she sings the song, however my favorite version is One Direction’s version, I like the way Harry sings that part of the song (the title of this blog) it’s so good if you want to hear it i’ll leave it here : One Direction – Torn (Natalie Imbruglia cover in the Live Lounge) If you’ve already heard both versions, tell me which one you prefer!? I personally like both versions I think they’re both great, although I would lean towards One Directions take on it a little bit more.

Anyway that’s not what I wanted to talk about, even though I did open up with that, what I did want to talk about though is inspiration and not quite having it most of the time…… you may all know I always only write one blog post when I write, I don’t always post what I write though, sometimes i’ll just write, but won’t always post it, which I know isn’t any good, because you’re mean’t to always write and post at least something new even if it’s not everyday when blogging……..When it comes to writing all the time though, I don’t always have the inspiration to write and I like to write on topics that inspire me and whatever comes to mind for me, which i’m sure that a lot of you can relate to, but i’m also sure you know what it’s like to want to write, but not quite have the inspiration to do so.

It can be very frustrating when you go to write a new blog post, but once you’re staring at that blank unwritten page, you then feel stuck and find that like the title of this blog post you’ve completely run yourself dry of inspiration, which can then put you in a not so great mood and sometimes it’ll have your mind going into all sorts of states mainly the “So what do I do now!?” kind of mind and that is the state that i’m in at the moment along with, is it wrong to ask for a little inspiration if you feel that you might need some a little!? Some may say it is and some may say it’s not, me…..i’m not sure……due to the fact that I find it weird to ask and i’m not sure if I should feel that way or not!?…….

What are your thoughts on asking for a little inspiration when you just don’t have any, do you think that we should ask sometimes or should we just suck it up and come back when we do have something!?

As much as i’d like to write more, this is actually all I have for now………I think I just passed my recent record on shortest blog post with this one ha, I know that is not my best writing sorry about that, maybe i’ll have something later who knows, but for now I hope that you all are having a lovely day and that you have a goodnight/morning and or evening 🙂


All The Love ❤ ❤



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Self Rebuilding (Still In Progress)

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well, so I just wanted to talk about something that was stuck in my mind before i’m not quite sure how exactly to talk about it, but i’m gonna do my best to express it in the best way that I can…….okay so lately i’ve been feeling like everyone wants the old me back……..however I feel that in a way I do want the old me back as well, but at the same time I don’t. Why you may ask!? because the old me isn’t what I want to strive for you know, You see lately I find myself changing and trying to come into my own, now with me still working on myself and trying to figure things out as I go along, it’s not really making some people around me happy for reasons I get, but at the same time I don’t really feel like i’m doing anything wrong with how I am or what i’m doing.

Everyone expects you to just kinda stay the same and i’m at the point in my life where I don’t want to stay the same, I want to be a different version of myself everyday, everyone knows that staying the same for a long period of time is gonna get really tiring and boring when trying to live up to a person that you know deep down you just aren’t anymore and that’s the thing with people, they expect you not to change the way you are and if you do start to change things about you that you feel are good for you, they see the change, but they don’t like it, so they point out all the things that are wrong with the new you, instead of trying to understand why you’re the way you are now, everyone changes and there’s nothing wrong with that…….I talked about outgrowing things and people before, you can read it here if you like A Few Topics In One Blog Post That Are Important To Take In and Keep In Mind…. that also goes for yourself too.

Everyone goes through that stage where they outgrow themselves a little and it’s not a bad thing, there are things we never out grow and then there are things we do outgrow and sometimes personality is one of those things, so if people have only seen you a certain way for a very long time they’re gonna expect you to be that way all the time and what everyone needs to know is that, that’s impossible, no one stays the same exactly everyone goes through certain changes that maybe good for them, but aren’t so good for everyone else. If you base your life on what everyone else thinks of you or you let yourself be shaped and molded in the way of others, then you’re gonna have a bit of a hard time finding out who you really are, due to the fact that you let people decide for you and that’s not what you want, you should never let others shape you to be a certain way.

Keep in mind that once you go on a search for yourself you’ll start to notice that you’re not the only one going through the change, so is everyone around you, so while you’re on a hunt for your true self and you’re finding out different things about you, know that it will effect people, depending on the person it’ll either effect them in a good way or a bad way, because they’re seeing from the outside the different things about you that they’ve never experienced before, they don’t see what it is that you’re going through in your head, to you the changes happening within you depending on what changes you’re going through it’s all new to you as well, so it’ll also either effect you in a good or bad way. If you find the changes within you aren’t beneficial to you, you’ll think to yourself okay so this isn’t really working how can I fix this to where it’s helping in a good way!? Sometimes you’ll find that it’s not always easy trying to figure that out, but eventually you will.

When you start to change your image and personality, keep in mind that it’s not gonna make sense to a lot of people, you might find that when you’re changing certain things about you, there will be things that you do that you may or may not notice that you’re doing, but it’s just something that has come natural of you to do and so to you, it’ll be perfectly normal, but to others it won’t be that way, for example: you might find that you’re not speaking to people the same way as you normally would or you might find that you’ve become less lively and more neutral when being with people as well and when that happens, people will start to feel very confused and won’t be happy with the change of mood that you now have and that’s something that can be very hard to not take in because when you have people saying they miss the old you while you’re in the process of self rebuilding it can really get to you in a way.

You know that you’re only self rebuilding because you aren’t happy with yourself and the way you do things, but others don’t see that, they just see this new change in you and because they don’t like it, they’ll express it thinking that if they tell you that they don’t like the way you are, that’ll get you to stop self rebuilding and they will get the old you back, but what they don’t know is, once you have your mind set on rebuilding yourself, you’re not gonna go back to your old self at least not in the way they want you to, if there’s certain things you want back, you’ll get it back, but if there’s things that you want to get rid of that no longer benefits you then that’s gonna be long gone. Once you decide on rebuilding yourself it becomes a good thing because it means your really trying to better yourself and become happy again, but it’ll also be a bit of a bad thing as well…….

Good because you’re trying to get rid of old habits, you’re focusing more on yourself and the goals you have set for yourself and other things too, however it can also be a bad thing, because not everyone is gonna like it or get it, but it’s called self rebuild for a reason, it’s not meant for everyone else to understand, you’ll have some who will be very supportive of you wanting to work on yourself, but you’ll also have those with mixed feelings about it and that can be very hard to deal with, but that doesn’t mean you should let yourself be pulled back into the madness that you no longer want to be surround by if you know it’s not really helping you. You have to really help yourself stay committed and stay focused on your self rebuilding, because although it’s easy to fall into old habits that aren’t good for you, you’ll be so much happier and very proud of yourself for sticking with everything that you started with even if people try and kinda make you feel bad about it.

My point is, people change and no one stays exactly the same, if people expect you to just stay the same all the time then they aren’t giving you the chance to really come into your own, no one should ever make you feel like the decisions that you make for yourself are bad decisions, just because they’re not happy with them, the changes that you make in your life are the changes that you make for you so you can be happy, don’t let others take your happiness away from you, if you feel that the changes that you’ve made for yourself are beneficial to you and you find yourself becoming a little happier everyday because of it, then keep doing what you’re doing, don’t let others opinions change your mindset. You just keep focusing on your self rebuilding even when sometimes it may seem hard to do.

Annnnd that is from me for now, I really hope this made sense and I hope that you we’re able to take somethings from today’s blog post and if you’re self rebuilding as well, I wish you all nothing, but the very best and I hope through your self rebuilding, you find happiness within yourself, I hope that you all have a goodnight/morning and or evening.


All The Love ❤ ❤


A Few Topics In One Blog Post That Are Important To Take In and Keep In Mind….

You ever find yourself stuck in the middle of something to where no matter how hard you might want to ignore it or try to ignore it, it’s quite impossible!? Yeahhh I know that feeling all to well too, you think to yourself is there anyway to ignore it!? and the truth is……not really you have to sometimes face it and deal with it in the best way that you can, even when you don’t really want to. So what do you do when all you want is to focus on yourself, but there’s always something there to kinda take you off balance!? Just go with it, but also remember not to let yourself be consumed by the chaos of it all, if you find yourself getting too overwhelmed with a situation happening know that it’s okay to remove yourself from that said situations if you really need to.

If you still feel like you’re stuck in the middle of it and something in you is telling you to let it be, you can either politely remove yourself from it or speak about how you feel on the situation, either one of those will not only keep you from feeling uncomfortable, but you would have also let your feelings known and may have even defuse the situation a bit while you’re at it. We all know that with certain situations there are things we can add our input to, but there will also be situations where sometimes it’s better not to say anything, we all know that saying that goes “somethings are better left unsaid” which is true, i’m learning that not everything needs a responds, but i’m also learning that you shouldn’t stay quiet for everything either, if you know that something is messing with you or there’s a situation to where you can’t just ignore it then definitely speak up on it.

I always feel that if you’re going to speak up about what you feel you need to speak up on, you should always handle it maturely……..sometimes though even when you do handle it maturely the other person or whoever you’re talking to, may not handle the situation in the same way and that’s something that can really get to you and can make you have a very sour taste in not only your mouth, but in your mind as well and when that happens……weeeell, let’s just say it’s not good……..especially when there are two people with similar mindsets and personalities in a way. It can be very tough getting to someone who’s mindset is a mindset that you know deep down is hard to change, not saying you should ever change anyone and what they think because it’s not gonna happen especially when they have always used that way to help them in life.

What I am say though is when dealing with people who are hard to reach and you see that the conversation isn’t really getting anywhere, it’s best to just stop talking and move on from the situation because 1. It’ll keep you from getting annoyed fully while having a headache at the same time and 2. There’s no point in talking to someone who you know isn’t going to listen when it comes to what you’re wanting to say, however if you get the opportunity where the moment has presented itself to express your thoughts and emotions on something that still isn’t quite fixed, then give it another try and if it’s still the same then just leave it because you’re not gonna get anywhere, all you’re gonna do is  continue to tire yourself out or get very fired up trying to get to someone who isn’t really gonna hear you anyway.

People who like to throw you into the mix of things without any warning because they need a second opinion on something or they like to target you on things, those are the kind of people you need to keep your eyes peeled for and kinda step away from a bit and just stay to yourself, but if you know that it’s impossible to keep away from people like that, just continue to stay to yourself, aquatint them, but make sure that you keep the things that are closest to you near you at all times, there’s a saying that goes “not everyone needs to know everything about you” they may know some things, but only share what is close to you with those who are sincerely important to you and who only bring joy, happiness and positivity into your life, because those are the ones who are gonna continue to be there for you when it matters most.

There’s nothing wrong with setting a few boundaries with people, especially if you know that they aren’t going to bring what it is that you need into your life, don’t let those kind of people who only tend to bring more negativity into your atmosphere tell you that you shouldn’t place boundaries with them. If you feel within yourself that the people you’re normally around or that you encounter aren’t the best people to keep in your circle and that they aren’t helping you in a positive way, know that it’s okay if you find yourself distancing away from them. It doesn’t mean you don’t care or love them in anyway, it just means that they aren’t the best people to have around when you are trying to move forward in your life, they may see and take what your doing as cruel and offensive, but don’t let that discourage you and make you feel a certain way, if it’s not good for you then it’s okay to let it go or at least distance yourself from it.

You may feel a little bad about it and think to yourself did I do the right thing!? but I want you to know that sure you may question yourself and think that what you did was horrible, but sometimes in order to live the life you want and in order to grow while going for your goals in life, you have to do that because that’s how you become a little more happier and that’s when you find yourself developing more confidence in yourself. Think of it as your some kind of animal so for example: A hermit crab or a snake just any animal that either outgrows it shell or sheds it’s skin, think of yourself as that animal and know that eventually there’s gonna be times where we outgrow certain things and sometimes people are one of them, think about it.

We’ve all have or had friends that we’ve hung out with since we were either kids or that we’ve met a little later in life, but we also know that we’ve had friends that we kinda drifted away from and haven’t spoken to in years not because we wanted to, but because either they weren’t healthy for us or because we outgrew them with the changes due to our personalities, mindset, different perspective on things, stuff like that and that isn’t a bad thing or anything it just happens, it doesn’t mean you planned on not speaking or hanging out again, it’s just something that happens to us in our lives, we’re always gonna outgrow something eventually that’s just apart of life. You can try and stay where you are, but you know that deep down, it isn’t gonna make you very happy, so when it comes to outgrowing something just embrace it and go with it, sure it may seem weird and uncomfortable at first, but once you let it sink in a bit, you’ll find that it’s not so bad.

Annnnnd that is all from me today, I hope you were able to take something from this and I hope I was able to be of some help if anyone out there is going through something like this, i’m learning a lot still and i’m just trying to embrace it a bit everyday, you don’t have to embrace it fully all at once, you can just do what i’m doing and let it come to you little by little, anyway I hope you all have a lovely night/morning and or evening 🙂



All The Love