Fighting For Love

You ever wanted someone so much to the point where if you could, you’d fly or teleport to them!? (I mean you can fly somewhere by taking a plane, but i’m talking superpowers here, you probably guessed that) no but in all seriousness, not to be all cheesy or sappy or anything, but it’s like………love is a beautiful thing okay, especially when you know that two people really genuinely love each other, love is also pretty rare nowadays…..we all know how it’s not everyday you find someone who really cares and loves you for who you are, whether you’re weird (in a good way) random or just anything that you would see as “oh who’s gonna want to be with a person like me who constantly freaks out about small things!?” or whatever you find a not so good trait about yourself, you know what I mean!?

It’s like we all have our fair share of things we don’t quite see as a good thing about ourselves, but it takes someone who really cares deeply about you and loves you unconditionally to see pass all of those bad traits we think we have and just accepts our flaws as just being apart of us. There are some people who don’t really understand what it’s like to love someone so much that all you want is for them to be next to you and just be there when you need them or just need that safe place to turn to and that’s because they aren’t going to get it, because it’s hard to find something so real once you’ve got it and when you know that you have it, you don’t ever what to let it go because who knows if you’ll ever find something like that again.

You want to know the best part about being with someone you love deeply!!? That no matter what is going on and how you’re feeling, you know that you can’t fall too hard because they’ll always be there to catch you and keep you from hitting rock bottom completely and not only that, but they’re also your biggest supporters and will be proud of you no matter what you do…….knowing you have someone who is not only your partner in life, but also your best friend as well is the greatest thing in the world, because having that kind of relationship you know that you don’t need to be anybody else but yourself and no matter what you do they’ll always make sure you know how much they love you.

You know you found that person you want to spend your life with when you can just talk about literally anything and it doesn’t feel weird or awkward, it’s just natural and casual and not seen as a big deal which is nice, because you can talk about embarrassing things and just laugh at it, without both of you getting uncomfortable and those kind of conversations that are hard to bring up to someone like a friend or family member even, is natural between two people who care about one another on not only a personal level, but also emotional and mental level as well.

I gotta say though my favorite thing about being with someone you truly love is they won’t let you feel a certain way about yourself, they will do everything they can to make sure that you’re always happy and well and when it comes to dealing with things they won’t let you do it alone, because they want to deal with them along side you and fight all your battles with you because to them…….your fights are their fights and vice versa.

To sum this all up because i’m not sure if any of this made sense or if i’m just gushing about love, but when you find and finally have that special someone in your life who you can be yourself with, without judgement and you know that if you need them they will always be there and just everything that I said already…….hold on to them, because a love like that is really rare nowadays, especially when you’ve connected in all of the ways you’re mean’t to connect with someone who just makes everything feel………..just everything is better when they’re around.

Once you have that kind of love, don’t let it go because if you do, you’ll regret it and you’d wish you hadn’t…….also just a heads up to never let other people try and convince you that what you’re feeling isn’t love or that you don’t know anything about it, because in all reality it doesn’t matter what they think or feel………it’s how you feel and what you feel doesn’t concern everyone else, no ones gonna feel the same feelings as you and that’s okay because they’re not mean’t to, only you know what’s right for you and that’s all that matters. So fight for the love you want and go on and be happy because life is too short to not be fully happy šŸ™‚


Anyway it’s late, 12am to be exact not that, that matters or anything XD I started writing this around 4pm yesterday but I had one of those days again where I didn’t know what to write about and so I went and did other things until something came to me and for some reason, love was the topic that was on my mind, so I hope you guys are able to take something from this blog here, it’s different…..but I think it could be something useful for someone hopefully……….anyway hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and I hope you have one again today depending on what the time is where you guys are…………you all have a goodnight/morning/evening šŸ™‚


All the love ā¤ ā¤



Edit: i’m now publishing this at 1am, yaaaay XDĀ 

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