Finding Your Happy Place…..

You ever wake up feeling a certain way causing your day to start off on the wrong foot of things and then how you feel just starts to mess with everything not only your mood, but just everything you do in general!? yeah I had one of those days today and it really started to take a toll on me to where I started to get agitated with things around me…….now I was going to write all about that feeling I was going through today, but for some reason I couldn’t and my mind became blocked and I sat on my bed for a pretty good while trying to write something, yet I couldn’t……it even took me a bit to even write the title to this haha.

While that was happening, I was listening to music while my dog was sleeping next to me, trying to figure out what to write and even asking my brain and soul (don’t judge sometimes you gotta do that) pretty much asking myself what does it feel…….just so I can put something down. The song that was playing was a Jazz song it was called Point Of Departure by Nelson Rangell, as I was listening to it I couldn’t help but feel at ease a bit to the point where I was smiling and my happy state of mind was coming back to me and in that moment everything I was feeling just melted away………what i’m saying is the Jazz song inspired me to write about finding your happy place because I was trying to find mine earlier and I gotta say that at this very moment I feel pretty alright 🙂

Now to somehow bring what i’m feeling to you guys wondering how you can find your happy place when feeling on edge, agitated or just anything that is causing you to not form words properly and having you turn into your worst enemy………Here are a few  things you can do when you’re not feeling like yourself.

Listen to some music to try and soothe your mind and soul……best thing to do is put on some of your favorite songs, whatever that is, it could be Jazz (that’s always good, no lyrics for you to sing to distract you, just some good ole’ instruments) speaking of instruments maybe you like Classical (Classical is good too, I enjoy it from time to time) it doesn’t have to be Jazz or Classical though, it could be anything that calms you down or just takes your mind off everything for a good while.

Close your eyes for a bit, breathe and focus on your breathing until you feel you’ve calmed down enough……now i’m sure you’ve heard people say all the time if you’re feeling tense or anything just close yours eyes, count to 10 (or a higher number) and breathe and keep doing that until you feel a little better……..well let me tell you believe it or not it does work, but it’s on you to want to stop yourself from getting overly wound up or super agitated. Breathing does work and it does help, sure we breathe all the time, but we don’t really take the time to focus on our breathing when we know we need to……so go and try some breathing techniques and see if it helps you or not, you never know it might just be your new favorite thing.

Try writing down your feelings…….TRUST ME writing down how you feel or just jotting down your thoughts in general really does help. Anytime I have too much on my mind or I just feel I need to get my thoughts out on something, I always grab one of my journals and just lay it on the line and I have a lot of journals but they’re all for different things not just writing down my thoughts. I enjoy writing because it lets me express myself in the ways I wouldn’t be able to out loud, so I know that if I have trouble saying how I feel out loud, I can just write it down to try and make sense of it all and once I do that I feel a little better. I just want to let you know that you don’t have to be an expert at writing, when it comes to writing you can express yourself in anyway you want, from song to your thoughts, even just randomness it doesn’t have to make sense…… long as you acknowledge your thoughts and put it in front of you, then you won’t have it to where it’s taking up space in your mind. Keeping things in your mind isn’t good so grab a pen or pencil (I always use pencil because…….well I just like writing in pencil) and go to town with your thoughts, it doesn’t hurt to try at least.

There’s a lot of different things you can do to find your happy place, you can read a book, maybe playing video games is your thing, drawing it can be anything really, just find something to keep you at ease.

Those were just a few things that help me when i’m feeling on edge from time to time, but i’m sure you all have your own thing that you turn to when you need to find your happy place and whatever that is to get you back to you, I hope it does work and helps you feel good again, because everyone should feel good and not have to have their brains melt and drive them nuts haha……..anyway that’s all from me, I didn’t realize I was writing so much I just noticed while I was wrapping up this blog that I wrote a lot……..hope I made sense and it helped in someway, I also hope I gave some good suggestions to you guys. If you guys want, maybe you can share with me what you do when you need to find your happy place and who knows maybe I could pick up some new tips from you guys. ^_^


All The love ❤ ❤


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