Hakuna Matata……..It Means No Worries (The Lion King)

So ironic, I went to write about this earlier and then switched it, to only then later come back to writing about it anyway………I have no idea why but I just seriously stressed myself out for nothing and i’m here just trying to find my calmness again, it’ll come back I know, it’s just why, why is it really easy to stress yourself out………..the world may never know

Update: I’m fine now, a little after I wrote that, I started to calm down, it started when I was making rice, I thought I had messed up and added too much salt and oil, but I tasted it and it’s fine, no worries………

I tell you I think it’s better to stress and laugh about it, then stress and be upset about it, that’s the kind of stress I dealt with a little while ago even though I was freaking out, I still did my best to keep myself calm, I just kept telling myself to sing a little song and laugh about it, I think it worked……..

Remember when in doubt and you find yourself freaking out, remember those two famous words by Timon and Pumbaa………Hakuna Matata and also remember to remind yourself that it means no worries!!

P.S. Two things, 1. I just learned that Pumbaa has two a’s at the end of his name, all this time i’ve been writing it with one A, how did I miss that!? Also for the last thing if you put Timon and Pumbaa’s name together it’s Timmobaa, I accidentally said this when reading back what I was writing so now you know what Timon and Pumbaa’s name is when put together…….

You’re welcome if you’ve always wanted to know and if not well…….it’s there just in case you happen to wonder what it is!! ^_^

All The Love ❤ ❤


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