Feb 4, 2019

I just realized something……………whenever i’m asked a question or something, I tend to do a lot of analyzing and research and I don’t know why!? I’ll give you an example on what I mean, alright so I was reading this blog post from Ryan Kessell who I might’ve mention on here before owns the blog site GohomePWB and in the blog post he talks about being a Pro Wrestling kinda guy and talking about how while everyone is talking about the Super bowl, he’s not really bothered with it.

He then talks about how whenever he tries to talk about wrestling to others, a lot of people like to remind him about how it’s fake and how they are confused why he’s still into it and all that jazz, because you know some people just don’t get it and don’t quite understand that wrestling is for entertainment and to enjoy, same with some other sports, but back to what I was trying to get at…………in the post he talks about how when it comes to wrestling it’s crazy how you’re able to remember how you got into it most of the time, sometimes for some it’s not always like that, but that’s alright as long as you’re enjoying it right!?

Anyway while I was reading it I kept wondering about when I first got super into it and talking about moments that I remember watching in wrestling and towards the ending of the post, he asked for those who are wrestling fans when did we become a fan of it!? When I read that part, I went back to think about it and I couldn’t really remember how I became a fan, like for example: most people who get into wrestling there’s a specific match or some kind of moment they watched that made them want to become a fan of, you know what I mean!?

As for me though, I can’t remember any matches or anything like that, I just remember randomly watching it one day, seeing The Shield, wondering who they were and then becoming drawn to Seth Rollins first and then from there just went on watching it, thinking about it now, maybe that should’ve just been my answer, but it wasn’t.

I ended up doing some research and going back to when I lasted watched it, to when I went off it and what happened in between not watching it and then coming back to when I started watching it again and that who thing, so I can’t really answer simple questions like that, because i’ll just end up really thinking about it and researching a timeline and all that jazz……….i’ll try and work on that………..but if you’re a wrestling fan and what to check out Ryan’s post or you’re just interested in reading the post without being a fan of wrestling i’ll leave it for you, it’s called I’m A Pro Wrestling Guy.

Check it out it’s a real good post, also why not take a look at his blog site and other posts all together, his whole site is based around wrestling, so again if you’re a wrestling fan and enjoy reading wrestling blog posts, go and check it out, it’s good stuff!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “Feb 4, 2019

    1. Awwww thanks, i’m not the greatest when it comes to simple answers ha, so that’s good to know and yeah I guess you’re right there with that one, although it would be simple, you wouldn’t really have much to really think on and wonder, if you constantly just answered the yes’s, no’s and I don’t know’s would you!?

      Why thank you, that means a lot to hear!! glad to know you’re enjoying them, you have a great blog too, I always enjoy reading them and you’re very welcome, I hope you have a great day ^_^


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