Feb 3, 2019

So not too long ago, I watched a local (not where i’m at) independent wrestling event match by the name of KEWP (Kentucky Elite Pro Wrestling) off this blog site Mid-West Territory and I actually really enjoyed it.

This independent wrestling match took place in some kind of bingo hall in Kentucky i’d like to think (it looked like that at least, it was nice though) between two female competitors by the names of The Amazing Maria and Dementia D’Rose……..now from everything that I gathered and watched The Amazing Maria is the current Queen of Frankfort and during the match you see Dementia wanting to change that fact and be crowned the NEW Queen of Frankfort with the audience behind her as well.

However, The Amazing Maria isn’t going to give up her title that easily without a good and long hard fight. Now this match is a tournament match if I didn’t already state that, so of course there were other competitors fighting for that same slot, but in the end it came down to Maria and Dementia, in my opinion I thought both of them did really well in their match, both competitors gave really great performances, they both delivered nice moves sets and were really giving each other a fight.

I actually had a few favorite moves that were hit during the match between the two, like when The Amazing Maria hit a bulldog move to Dementia as well as a nice cutter move, there was also this outside move planted by Dementia towards Maria, she tried pinning her outside, but the ref of the match told her she had to bring her inside the ring to pin her, Dementia also hit Maria with this nice corner move in my opinion which had her flying a bit towards the turnbuckle, I think Dementia just tripped her to have her land on the turnbuckle, not exactly sure, but I thought it was good.

There were a lot of different moves that were hit that I liked, there were a few moments I enjoyed, some regarding the crowd and also the ref and the performers as well, but overall I really enjoyed it, I didn’t have a specific person I was rooting for, both female competitors were great, the end though the winner ended up being the Amazing Maria with the help of i’m guessing one of the other competitors who was fighting for a chance at the Queen of Frankfort title as well.

Dementia looked like she had the match won when she hit her corner finisher move to Maria, but there ended up being a slight distraction with the ref, which gave…………I don’t know her name, but i’m guessing she’s an ally to The Amazing Maria. I’m going to guess though that her name is Lady Inferno, because looking at the picture of the event card, she just might be Lady Inferno, but anyway she helped out The Amazing Maria by coming into the ring when the ref wasn’t looking, hitting Dementia in the back with a steal chair and after she hit Dementia with the chair, she pulled Maria onto her, which led the ref to count to 3 winning Maria the match.

And that was the ending of that, yeah as you can see or tell more like, I was pretty invested in that match, I didn’t want it to end, I thought Maria and Dementia had good in ring chemistry, I thought they did great, hopefully they face off again and when they do, I look forward to watching them, there’s other matches from the site that I might check out just to see what other matches stand out for me, but yeah I just wanted to share that with you guys, for those who enjoy wrestling go and check out Mid-West Territories site <————

also if you want to check out the match for yourself, i’ll leave it for you it’s called ‘Queen Of Frankfort’ tournaments results (KEPW) I would recommend you give it a watch, it was really good!!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


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