Let’s Talk Sports……Football (Soccer) Manchester United

Written Jan 13, 2019

Yeah this is a topic I didn’t think of ever talking about, now i’m not a HUGE sports person, i’ve never played sports unless it was just for fun you know, when it comes to watching it though, i’ve only ever took interest in watching certain sports programmes which, I didn’t think I’d ever watch sports, considering I was never really interested in playing them, but I guess you can still watch it without having to actually play sports, I mean there’s no rule saying you can’t watch sports if you haven’t played it right!?

If there was, that wouldn’t really be fair now would it!? Luckily there is no such rule so we’re good here. The main sports that i’ve watched and got into were wrestling of course and surprisingly football and before you think i’m talking about American football, i’m not, i’m actually talking about football, football you know soccer as it’s also called over here.

Now I don’t watch football (soccer) all the time, when I do decide to watch a match though, I actually do enjoy it, I started watching football more because of my boyfriend, he loves the sport and when I say loves it, I mean HE LOVES IT!!! Try having an argument with him about football, yeeeeah you’ll either be there for a while or you’re just not going to win, that’s how passionate he is about it, his favorite team is Manchester United and when it comes to United and him, don’t cross the line is all i’m saying.

He also plays football as well and that’s why i’m kinda into a bit, because it being his thing, like I said though I don’t really watch it often, however I did have a time where I took a huge interest in watching it everyday, but just certain matches. Last year was the first time I actually watched the whole Fifa tournament game and it was actually very interesting, I never would have imagined myself being so invested in watching football like that, but it was enjoyable, i’ll tell you that.

It’s been a while since I watched a football match, today was actually the first time since Fifa that I went and watched a match, only watched it because United was playing today and so I could support my guys team, plus I actually wanted to watch it, it’s been a while you know. They went against Tottenham today and United won 1-0, they really played a good game in my opinion, Rashford scored a real nice goal or in my boyfriend words a class goal, thanks to a very good pass by Pogba might I add and the goal keeper David de Gea who I had to look up because I couldn’t remember his name, made Man of The Match.

Every time the other team tried to score, he was just there saving the ball left and right, 11 goals saves he made, that’s pretty good!! If you watched the game you’ll know what i’m talking about, also as you can probably tell i’m pretty new still with football so my way of explaining the game may not be interesting and it might not have made sense, but that’s just how i’m able to explain how the game went.

I’m glad United won, although I do feel a little bad for the other players from the other team, two different injuries while the game was happening, one from a player who’s name I can’t remember, I think he pulled his groin, in the middle of the match, he did try to keep playing, but as much as he didn’t want to get off the field, you knew if you watched him play it was messing with him, with that kind of thing, you gotta be careful, because you don’t want to go risking stuff like that.

The other injury was from Harry Kane who messed up his ankle in the match as well during the last minutes of the game I think, although I don’t know much about the team, I did watch Harry Kane in the Fifa tournament and to me he’s a good player. He almost scored a goal in todays game, a few times actually, along with some other players on his team as well of course, but he got to the ball a little late for it to be a goal………..I hope both players recover okay though and are doing alright.

Back to United though, they’ve been really stepping it up and have come back pretty strong compared to how they were playing towards the ending of last year, they didn’t quite do the greatest for a bit, that was until they got a new manager that is. After changing managers they’ve really showed everyone not to count them out just yet, some will say there’s some mixed emotions on United and how they came back, but with sports like football, you know that they’ll always be mixed emotions.

Ever since this new manger took over though, they’ve won 6 games in a row, which is pretty darn impressive if you ask me, but i’m probably just being bias here though who knows. However, you can’t deny that United’s been on a roll since this new manger arrived, he’s really fixed up the team nicely, I mean sure they may have a bit more to go with everything, but again compared to how they were playing before, I think they’re doing just fine, with how they’ve been coming back.

Again i’m still new to football so I don’t know a whole lot on the game and everything, I just felt like writing about todays game between United and Tottenham and I guess I wanted to talk about football a bit, i’m no fanatic with it, but when I do watch it, I enjoy it.

Do you guys enjoy football (Soccer) if so who’s your favorite team if you have one!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


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