Jan 6, 2019

Hey you guys, how’s it going!? I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the day. I’m gonna be honest I have no idea what to write about today, there aren’t any topics coming to mind that I want to talk about, not a lots going on, i’ve just been writing in my journal mainly, thinking a bit and just watching stuff………..not the most productive I know……………i’ve been trying not to stress about it though, it’s not easy when you’re not really sure what to do though. We’re almost into the middle of January which is crazy if you think about it, the year just started and it’s already starting to fly by, not too quick, but it sure is doing some speed walking, i’ll tell you that one.

I finally got past something that I was contemplating in my head about for a bit, now that i’m past it, i’m not really sure what to do next with it so there’s that………….you ever have a moment where you start to really think about something and wonder if you’re able to hold up to it!? or you think to yourself “did I make the right decision here!?” I know contemplating things all the time isn’t something you should do and i’m one to always contemplate things especially when it’s something new, I try not to, but it’s just so hard sometimes because you always want to do well with the things that you’re doing and you always hope that when you start something, that you’re not going to fall out of it you know what i’m talking about!?

I work myself up a lot with doing that sort of thing and i’m really trying to work on not having that happen every time I think about trying something new and different, I still have that thing in me though and i’m not really sure how to break out of it right away………….maybe I just need to give it some time and just kinda work through it the best way that I feel I can. I don’t want to stress myself out with this and I don’t want to have to always question everything whenever i’m interested to try something………I still find myself thinking about everything and how things will go, but this time i’m trying to keep myself from worrying about it too much and just kinda let it happen with the moment of when it happens, if that makes sense.

I really shouldn’t look too much into things, that’s only going to make me think more and the more I think the more i’ll stress myself out with everything and that’s what i’m trying to prevent from happening. There are a lot of thoughts in my head, a lot that i’m unable to randomly pick from to sort out, but this was one of the main things going around in my head…………i’m not sure where i’m going exactly, but i’m hoping that I don’t stress myself out too much this time with trying to figure it out, all I need to do is just stay calm and trust not only in myself, but also trust that i’m gonna get somewhere, I just gotta keep going even if it’s scary.

What about you guys!? Do you have anything you want to let out, if so feel free to share and comment your thoughts and feelings down below, i’d love to hear how you guys are feeling.

All The Love ❀ ❀


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