Can you guess which word makes me want to close my eyes and never look at it again!? no oh well okay……everyone might say these two are the same and that they both mean the same and you would be right they are the same and they do both have the same meaning………

However I think they also have a difference and i’m going to try and give you by point of view on what that different is…….now yes, both goodbye and farewell, they both mean the same, but when saying them, don’t you think they feel different when you’re saying them!?

I know you’re probably wondering what i’m talking about and you might think i’m not making much sense and that’s alright, but we’re going to get to the bottom of the differences together, let’s start with the one that I refuse to say, because it just seems really……no……i’ll just say that, no……..

Goodbye: I can’t say this, this seems like a very harsh and sad way to say bye…….see the bye part isn’t bad, but when you add good to that, it puts pressure on you, you know!? This way of telling someone you’ll see them again later, just it makes you want to hold your breath, because of the word.

Even when you go to say it, you find it hard to at least I do, maybe a lot of people don’t feel the same way about it……..but me…….I just can’t say it……I think of it as a final thing and I will not say it, that’s why I called it the harsh and sad way of saying bye to someone, so there’s that…….

Now for the second way:

Farewell: See when I say this one, I feel calmer and better saying it, because I don’t feel I have to force this one as much and I don’t go into panic mode going to say it, plus I like the feel of the way it comes out, some might say that it’s a very old way to say bye as a departure from someone, but I don’t, I think it feels nicer and when you say it……it’s like saying “i’ll cross paths with you again one day or soon”

Okay yeah it’s still a little sad, but I think it just mends you heart a little better even though you’re sad you know!? You can even use it as a good way of saying see you later, it doesn’t necessary need to be all sad here, people still say farewell as a nice see you later, so that’s my take on the two.

I don’t like saying the other one, that one stresses me out too much, although I don’t really say this one as much, if I had to pick between the two, I would pick saying Farewell, it’s just better to me and it’s a little bit lighter on the heart too I think.

Which see you later gesture do you guys prefer saying!?

P.S.You might’ve been wondering what made me want to talk about this and well it was because of my last post, I had the idea and so I just went with it.

All The Love ❤ ❤


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