Jan 20, 2019

So i’m in the process of trying to stay calm, it’s a little hard though, because when i’m worried about something, it’s hard for me to relax………i’m just having a real hard time focusing on anything, i’ve been trying to write new poems since this morning and nothing is really coming to me, I did start on one, but i’m still working on it, i’m feeling a little on edge with everything………..I don’t know………I really don’t know………

I’m really trying to stay calm and not overthink, but when my brain’s focused on something, it stays locked on the first thing i’m focused on, but i’m trying so hard to put my focus on something else, because I know how my mind works, if it’s not occupied with something it’ll continuously wander to what i’m worrying about.

I got so many things going in and out of my head though, it’s hard to keep them all in one pile……………I’ve gotta keep my mind distracted somehow, it’s a pain when i’m worrying about things because it’s all I focus on, that’s why i’m trying to write even if it’s about my mind, because at least it’s keeping me busy and not drifting me back into my mind, i’m also trying to keep my emotions in order, it’s a little hard, but i’m doing my best with it.

P.S. I wrote another poem, but i’m still working on the first one……..

All The Love ❤ ❤


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