Lightbulb Confliction…..

Alrighty so i’m having a small conflict about an idea that I have in mind, now there was another post where I talked about having an idea and that I was going to go for it, not backing out, I want to stick with what a said, the small conflict though is about whether I should give it a try here or make a new site with the idea that had and keep this one as a personal blog!?……………..You know on second thought as i’m writing this, i’m feeling like that wouldn’t be the best idea. Every time I create a new thing off something else I end up not……….I wouldn’t say caring, I just end up forgetting about the other things that I tend to start and yeeeeah that always left me feeling very stressed out afterwards.

So i’m thinking it would make more sense adding it to here maybe and then i’ll just create different pages for all the different topics that I have going just to make it easier and simple and whatever posts you guys are interested in reading, you can just find it……….hmmmm, I guess it wasn’t all that hard to figure out after all……….never mind then, just forget I even wrote this even though i’m still going to post this because i’m still writing as i’m going so yeah………….Good day to you guys!!

All The Love ā¤ ā¤


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