An Hour Before Midnight…..


I was in a deep sleep, but was awaken,

By the sound of chaos filling this house….

I try and head back to sleep, but it’s no use

The chaos only grew louder and louder….

Stuck in a tense state, wanting to scream

Wanting to shut off the noise, but unable to….

My emotions then start to go into hyperdrive

A growl with the words “shut up” escaped my mouth,

Only no one could hear…..Chaos that’s all we ever hear


Outside now…’s calm,

No noise, just me and the cold air

I sit with my tea in hand,

Looking at the night sky, gazing at the few stars in it……

Planes in the sky, oh how I wish that was me on them.

I look around a bit and then back at the sky

Thinking to myself about everything in my mind

The night sky sure is lovely don’t you think!?

Makes you not want to leave it…….


Back inside, I walk around a few rooms

Now in my room, tired, but also restless

1am, the clock reads,

Around 1:30am is the time I finally get to sleep

A lot in my head though, but not too long

That hour before Midnight,

Soon turned into the morning…..

All The Love ❤ ❤


If I Was A Painter…..

Let’s do something different today…….let’s pretend we’re painters, if you were a painter what would you paint!?…….if I were to tell you what i’d paint, i’d just say that at the moment I don’t know, right now, i’m just looking at a blank canvas trying to figure that out myself………

If I had to describe what i’d want it to look like though, I don’t know, I’d probably want it to have a calm feeling of someplace that calls to me, i’d probably would use greens, maybe some blues, browns, you know colors that feel nice and calm…….

I’d want it to have a special kind of feeling, that’s slightly hard to imagine, but is also very easy to feel, something that when you think about it, it brings the biggest smile to your face and makes you happy to be there……

You know like you’re right where you should be……I want it to be a place that isn’t too hot, but where it isn’t that cold either, a place that has just the right amount of both cold and hot……..i’d love for it to rain, not too much of course, but just enough you know, wouldn’t want it to be too big of a place, but I wouldn’t want it to be too small either.

I’d like it to be a place that makes you go, this feels right and it feels good……..i’d love for there to be cafes, but i’d also love for there to be a lot of nature around, it would be nice if it had an old timey (if that’s a word) feel too it, enough where it just feels good to be around.

Have it where it has a rustic, but slightly modern look to it, not too modern though, more like an old town where you can feel the story behind it, as well as feel yourself connecting to it……….some type of village of some sort, you know!?

I don’t know, I guess if I had to paint something, i’d want it to have those kind of descriptions to it, you know a place that feels right, the moment you’re in it…….that’s a portrait i’d hang up on my wall and look at a lot.

How about you guys, what would you paint, if you were a painter!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


A Tune For Every Thought

Think of a song for every time you can’t think of anything else

What song did you think of, is a popular one!?

An unknown one or is it something from the good old days!?

Is the artist an upcoming one or are they pretty up there already!?

Maybe they’re an older artist or they’ve gone and sang a tune far away from here by now……

They could be in a group or a band, maybe they’re from a different country or maybe from where you are who knows…..

Whatever the song and whoever the artist/group or band,

I hope it gave you something good to think about for the moment…..

All The Love ❤ ❤


Cough, Cough, Cough….

Awww not again, why won’t you just leave,

It seems like the only one you feel the need to bother is me….

I drink water and I drink tea, I drink every beverage that I see (non alcoholic of course, I don’t drink)

I try and hold you in, but of course a stubborn mule like you,

Just keeps on pushing……we could be in the most quietest place,

Then BOOM RKO, OUT OF NOWHERE, there you go…..

You will go soon, I know it, even though you think you won’t

You and I both know, at some point you always do……

Now excuse me as I go on a coughing spree for the next few minutes….

All The Love ❤ ❤



Can you guess which word makes me want to close my eyes and never look at it again!? no oh well okay……everyone might say these two are the same and that they both mean the same and you would be right they are the same and they do both have the same meaning………

However I think they also have a difference and i’m going to try and give you by point of view on what that different is…….now yes, both goodbye and farewell, they both mean the same, but when saying them, don’t you think they feel different when you’re saying them!?

I know you’re probably wondering what i’m talking about and you might think i’m not making much sense and that’s alright, but we’re going to get to the bottom of the differences together, let’s start with the one that I refuse to say, because it just seems really……no……i’ll just say that, no……..

Goodbye: I can’t say this, this seems like a very harsh and sad way to say bye…….see the bye part isn’t bad, but when you add good to that, it puts pressure on you, you know!? This way of telling someone you’ll see them again later, just it makes you want to hold your breath, because of the word.

Even when you go to say it, you find it hard to at least I do, maybe a lot of people don’t feel the same way about it……..but me…….I just can’t say it……I think of it as a final thing and I will not say it, that’s why I called it the harsh and sad way of saying bye to someone, so there’s that…….

Now for the second way:

Farewell: See when I say this one, I feel calmer and better saying it, because I don’t feel I have to force this one as much and I don’t go into panic mode going to say it, plus I like the feel of the way it comes out, some might say that it’s a very old way to say bye as a departure from someone, but I don’t, I think it feels nicer and when you say it……it’s like saying “i’ll cross paths with you again one day or soon”

Okay yeah it’s still a little sad, but I think it just mends you heart a little better even though you’re sad you know!? You can even use it as a good way of saying see you later, it doesn’t necessary need to be all sad here, people still say farewell as a nice see you later, so that’s my take on the two.

I don’t like saying the other one, that one stresses me out too much, although I don’t really say this one as much, if I had to pick between the two, I would pick saying Farewell, it’s just better to me and it’s a little bit lighter on the heart too I think.

Which see you later gesture do you guys prefer saying!?

P.S.You might’ve been wondering what made me want to talk about this and well it was because of my last post, I had the idea and so I just went with it.

All The Love ❤ ❤


Imagine, Visual, Infinity…..

You might look at these words and think that I just threw them together or something and you would probably be right, when I first wrote these words out, I probably thought it meant something, but it might’ve just been randomly put together. These 3 words are actually from a simple painting that I made back in high school in my Graphic Arts class and I just want to say one thing, i’m not much of a painter, i’ll admit that, but even though it wasn’t the greatest artwork, I still kept it and I hung it up in my room.

It’s not bad, but like I said it’s just really simple……I remember though looking at it a good while back (maybe last year, I don’t really know) but I remember when I looked at it and I mean really looked at it, I thought to myself it did make sense, hear me out alright………

When thinking about something, like an idea or just anything in general really, we imagine it and when we imagine it, we then start to make a visual of that said thing and infinity well, with all that you imagine and visualize, who knows where those things can lead you, you know!? All that time I never really thought about it and then when I finally really looked at it and said the words out loud, it oddly made sense in a weird way, I know crazy!!

Sometimes when you think something doesn’t make sense, things like random words put together or something your trying to make out like a painting or weird writing, you sometimes find that if you really look at it closely and observe it well enough, you’ll be surprised on how much sense it makes, it may not make sense right away and it may take a while, but if you leave it for a little bit and just stare at it for a good amount of time……

It just might uncover the meaning for you before your very eyes and leave you in surprise (that rhymed) knowing that those 3 random words of yours actually made sense after all, so remember to always:

Imagine, Visual & Infinity…..

All The Love ❤ ❤



The word that fills you with both stress and nerves, but it’s not a bad word, it’s just a risky one and sometimes you find out it’s something you have to do, even if you’re not happy with it. There’s little sacrifices and there’s really big ones, the littles ones aren’t so bad, but the really big ones are the scary ones, because with the big sacrifices, comes a really big change and with a really big change, you tend to come across something new and with something new, that means different, not necessarily a bad different,

Just not the same as what we would normally be used to…….and maybe it’s not a bad thing, scary, yes very and that’s because we don’t know where it’s going to go or how it’s going to turn out, but should we really be scared about it!? Should the word sacrifice really be something that we hide from!?

A lot of people sacrifice to make things better for themselves and those they care about, especially when they really love someone…….a lot of the time though we pass on it because comfortable seems like the better thing, but a lot of the time it’s not, sometimes comfortable can hurt you and it can end up stressing you out more than if you were to change things around…….

Yeah it’ll be a very scary decision and who knows what it might bring, but we shouldn’t be scared, if anything we should feel excited about it!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


Sunny Rain…..

Half sunny, half rainy, looks like the day isn’t quite sure how to feel…’s nice and light out one minute, then windy and cloudy the next. Then there’s rain, but it’s also sunny, it’s a balance kind of weather today, not sure why…….you know in a way, it’s kinda like making decisions……

You feel one thing, but your brain thinks something else and just when you think your coming to some kind of compromise……it starts becoming windy, cloudy and rainy again……but the sun’s still there, letting you know it’s alright and that a compromise will come soon enough……

All The Love ❤ ❤


The Road To Responsibility….

When you’re a kid you don’t really have that many responsibilities, but each time we get older we tend to learn a new one and then it just starts to form as something we don’t need to memorize because we’ve done it so much and once we become a full on adult, that’s when the responsibility really come around, we tend to handle more and more, our stress levels fly through the roof majority of the time and then we learn struggle………

You wonder if you’re able to handle it all, because when we’re younger we think that everything is easy, we don’t really have much care about anything, but then you come to that road where everything that you once knew or thought was simple and easy, ends up not being so simple and easy………you find that decisions become harder to make and that things become a whole lot much more tougher to get through.

We don’t see those kind of things when we’re younger, we don’t see the stress, struggle or all the other things people had to get through just to get to where they wanted to be…… us as kids, we just see the results of it, not the hardships of it all. There’s so much more to it, there’s always a story behind it, everything has a story behind it, even if we’re not always exactly sure what that story is, there’s always one……..

When you come to a crossroad of responsibility and thinking things are always so simple and easy, which one would you go on choosing!? I’m going to guess the simple and easy road right!? That’s what we all want to say, but in a realistic world, it’s not always like that, we can try to avoid all the responsibility in the world, but we all know at some point, we’re going to have to take them on one way or another and it’s better to take them on once it’s in front of you then to keep leaving it for another time.

Leaving it for another time only delays it, it doesn’t make it go away, the more next times we give it, the more we’ll have to do and believe me when I say, you never want things to pile up, because you’ll just end up stressing more about it and you don’t want that.

Now I know why people plan things out sometimes, it’s because it helps them get things done better and helps them sort all they need to out, i’m not much of planner…….however, I do have a planner side to me though, we all have some kind of a planner side, even if we don’t use it much, when it comes to responsibility though, sometimes you need to use your planning side, otherwise how would we know where to start!?

There comes a moment where you have to step up to the responsibility of your life, even if you’re not sure how, you don’t have to do it alone, hopefully there’s some support there for you, but eventually we will have to walk down that path sooner or later, better sooner than later though……

All The Love ❤ ❤



Numb like a body in icy waters……

Numb like the presence of someone that drains everything out of you…..

Numb in the presence of something oh so familiar,

Numb like the emotions that’ll soon take over….

Why so numb you ask!?

Well, it’s cause I don’t know how to be anything else, but that…..

I could shake the feeling, I could try to feel something else

But I like it, even though I know it’s no good for me,

At least it’s a feeling that will never leave me…….

Inspired Theme Post:

All The Love ❤ ❤

~Lexa~ ❤ ❤