Imagine, Visual, Infinity…..

You might look at these words and think that I just threw them together or something and you would probably be right, when I first wrote these words out, I probably thought it meant something, but it might’ve just been randomly put together. These 3 words are actually from a simple painting that I made back in high school in my Graphic Arts class and I just want to say one thing, i’m not much of a painter, i’ll admit that, but even though it wasn’t the greatest artwork, I still kept it and I hung it up in my room.

It’s not bad, but like I said it’s just really simple……I remember though looking at it a good while back (maybe last year, I don’t really know) but I remember when I looked at it and I mean really looked at it, I thought to myself it did make sense, hear me out alright………

When thinking about something, like an idea or just anything in general really, we imagine it and when we imagine it, we then start to make a visual of that said thing and infinity well, with all that you imagine and visualize, who knows where those things can lead you, you know!? All that time I never really thought about it and then when I finally really looked at it and said the words out loud, it oddly made sense in a weird way, I know crazy!!

Sometimes when you think something doesn’t make sense, things like random words put together or something your trying to make out like a painting or weird writing, you sometimes find that if you really look at it closely and observe it well enough, you’ll be surprised on how much sense it makes, it may not make sense right away and it may take a while, but if you leave it for a little bit and just stare at it for a good amount of time……

It just might uncover the meaning for you before your very eyes and leave you in surprise (that rhymed) knowing that those 3 random words of yours actually made sense after all, so remember to always:

Imagine, Visual & Infinity…..

All The Love ❤ ❤


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