Coincidences……I’m Now Wondering If I’ve Written About This Before!?……

So I feel like I might’ve talked about this before, but i’m also not sure so sorry if we’ve already covered this topic and you’re hearing it again, I just wanted to talk about something interesting that happened, so there’s a playlist that I always listen to called Wonderland, in that playlist there’s about an hour of music playing with different songs of course…….

Here’s the playlist in case you want to listen to it:

Now i’ve listened to this playlist a lot, I still listen to it, i’m actually listening to it now as i’m writing to be honest, but to get to the point here, so naturally I pretty much know every song that’s about to play because i’ve heard it so much, now this has nothing to do with the songs that play,

but with something else with the playlist, now if you’re like me and you’re someone that pays attention to detail, you’ll pretty much see everything to what you’re looking at right!? Yeah well there was a change that caught me off guard as I was listening to the playlist and it was very specific too, but I won’t say what or why……but what I will say is that the normal date to the playlist, the day it was uploaded, changed for a good moment, now I don’t know how long it was there for while listening, all I know is when I looked up it said Dec 10th, 2017, when it normally says Dec 11th, 2017…..

Me when that happened: Well something like it anyway…’s close enough

Now that may not be that weird, it might’ve been a weird glitch, but I don’t think it was, because uploads don’t change dates unless you’re re uploading or something, I wouldn’t really know actually, all I know is that it was weird to see it at Dec 11th one moment and then look up to see Dec 10th the next.

Now I know what you’re thinking, proof or it didn’t happen, well I would gladly share it……but I didn’t screenshot it……yeah I know I should’ve, but it was the last thing on my mind and it wasn’t until after I refreshed the tab where I thought “I probably should’ve screenshot that”

but before that came to mind, I went and opened a new tab just to see and make sure I wasn’t going crazy and when I saw that I wasn’t, I was more confused about it, so yeah……that happened!! 😀 It was really weird,

For a split moment it was a different day and I didn’t even think to screen shot it until after it happened, which i’m kinda upset about, because I could’ve relooked at it and showed you, but…..yeah….now whether you believe this or not is fine, but I know what I saw and that’s all I got sooo I just thought i’d share that weird moment!!

Did I go a little overboard with it!? Maybe, Is it a coincidence!?……..Nope, I feel I was supposed to see that and also there are no coincidences,……so has something like that ever happened to you guys, i’m curious to know if so!?

All The Love ❤ ❤


Now Playing: Bright By Echosmith…..

Good Morning to all and a Happy Sunday as well, hope you guys are having a good one and are enjoying your morning or had a good morning to those whose time is towards the afternoon or night already, time zones sure are interesting aren’t they!? Also don’t mind me, I woke up a little earlier than my alarm today, around 7:30am to be exact, it’s around 8:30am ish as i’m writing this, not sure why I got up so early, although i’m not complaining,

You find that you become a little more energized the earlier you get up so it’s fine!! Now that, that’s been shared, let’s talk about something we haven’t talked about in a very looong time, music!!

So I woke up singing this song to myself, not sure why it’s been playing in my head since i’ve been up, I just heard this song for the very first time in a long time yesterday and I gotta say it’s still a good one and i’d say one of my favorites, ayyye why not!? (might’ve spelt that wrong, but that’s okay) again though i’m not sure why it’s in my head, I went to look it up, because sometimes if a song gets stuck in your head, you can always look up the lyrics to see the meaning behind it and sometimes by doing that,

You find there’s a hidden message within the song for you to come across, however the only thing behind the song that I found is that, it’s a love song aaaaand that it was actually released today!! How weird is that!? The one time I have a song stuck in my head and happen to look it up to see the meaning behind it, turns out that the release date of it happen to be the same day it entered my brain, ain’t that something!? No, but seriously that’s a bit mad, although when it comes to coincidences, there is none.

Now I only know two songs from EchoSmith, this song the one i’m talking about which is called Bright and Cool Kids, both songs I actually like!! There’s not much else I can say, I don’t really know much about the band, apart from the exception of their two songs that i’ve heard from them,

So I can’t really say my thoughts about them, but I like their songs, even though I only know two of them……as for the main song we’re talking about here though, how crazy is it that, it came out 5 years ago today and on the same day ended up stuck in my head…..!? I don’t even have words to say right now, except for that’s mad and insane which are pretty much the same thing, but congratulations to Echosmith for reaching 5 years with their song Bright today, even if I had no idea until now about it!!

I’m not sure if their still making music, but i’m sure they’re like “can you believe it’s been 5 years since making and releasing this song” or something like that anyway, maybe they actually haven’t thought about it yet,

I’m not really sure, but either way it’s still pretty big when you hit a new target mark on something each year after it’s been released so, again congratulations to Echosmith on the anniversary of “Bright” and also thank you for having such a catchy song to share, luckily it’s a good one so, I don’t mind it being played repetitively in my head!!

P.S. By the way I looked it up, they are still making music and are actually going on a tour soon this year, not sure if the tour already started or if it’s coming up shortly, but for those who are fans of Echosmith and are interested, I thought you’d like to know!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


Let Things Be As They Are…..

If I could describe what today is, I wouldn’t know the first thing to compare it to…..the only thing I can say is, it’s not a bad day, it’s actually pretty nice, even though there’s something to it that I can’t quite put my finger on, but you know maybe that’s okay, sometimes when there’s something to the day that is fine, we try and question why that is and then have it end up turning into a stressful day because we don’t know what it is exactly,

When in reality, we should just be okay with not really understanding what’s going on and when I say what’s going on, I don’t mean like a bad what’s going on, I mean it more like……feeling wise, sometimes we have days that are much more on the “hmmm” side of town and with that “hmmm” you find that it comes with a calming feel to it, even when things get a bit high in the noise department, you feel your energy and vibration

Kept in tact, grounded in a way, in your mind you’re expecting something to rattle you a bit, give you a slight disturbance……funny thing actually as I was getting ready to write that disturbance sentence out, something in my room made a noise and startled me right at that moment, not a coincidence, but it made me laugh so i’m taking that as a “just messing with you bit”

As I was saying before that happened……you feel your energy and vibration kept in at a calm state no matter what goes on and it can be quite suspicious to why we feel that way, but question it and trying to dig deep to figure out why the calmness or at least trying to get an exact pinpoint to what we might be feeling, by thinking and trying to figure it out, we water down the good feeling and enjoyment that it’s bringing and allowing us to feel

Why do that!? We want to make sure it’s embraced as much as possible, if we constantly question the positive feelings that we have, we keep from getting them so often, so instead of stressing ourselves out wondering what we’re feeling and trying to get an exact answer to it, let’s try and take it as it is and enjoy it, why question it, if it’s a good kind of feeling!?

Maybe you might have a mixed kind of day where, you feel calm and alright, but you also feel a little bleh at the same time, that’s okay sometimes those kind of feelings can clash at the weirdest moment, but by keeping our focus on the alright and calm and leaving the bleh to the side,

Even when we are having a mixture type of day, taking it in as a whole and being aware and accepting it, you find that it feels nice, just as long as we acknowledge the feel good part to it.

All The Love ❤ ❤



Do you believe that coincidences just happen randomly or do you believe they’re there for a reason!? Sometimes it’s really hard to know whether something was/is a coincidence or not, sometimes it can feel like it is one, but then you think maybe it’s not, maybe it’s happening for a reason, but then you’ll also think that maybe you’re just looking into things.

Sometimes that’s how I feel, I always tend to look too much into things which is probably why i’m always so stressed all the time and getting myself all worked up, however I do also tend to feel as though there are just some things that are just too there in front of you to be just a coincidence, like for example the story I told you guys about yesterday, you know how that waiter resembled and shared an exact personality to my friend Angel.

It’s stuff like that, that makes you think, “yeaaah that wasn’t a coincidence” there could be some things though that could be a coincidence, at least I think so, however a lot of people think that coincidences aren’t just a coincidence and maybe that’s true, but we all have our own take on it.

All The Love ❤ ❤


What A Night…….Jan 16, 2019

I’m not really sure what to feel right now, i’ve been a real mess tonight………still am a bit, I don’t even know what exactly i’m writing at the moment, but i’m just gonna write and just let my fingers do the talking I guess………..half of my night was……….I don’t even know how to tell you how that went, believe it or not. The other half though, weeeell……….that was something else, I still can’t wrap my head around it to be honest, it was just weird and when I say weird I mean really weird, that’s all i’m going to say.

My emotions definitely kicked in tonight though and my emotional state was for two reasons, one i’m not gonna really talk about because I don’t want to talk about it and the second one was because of a surprise visit I wasn’t expecting and it’s probably going to sound really weird when I explain it to you, but just stay with me when I start explain which is now.

Alright soooo, i’m not really sure how to open the story, so i’m just gonna cut to the chase………..I was out for dinner with my mom and brother, we ended up eating at Applebee’s, it took us a bit to get a table, but not too long, anyway i’ll save the long intro, so we sat down and the host that gave us our table told us that our waiter would be sent to us shortly, so we said thanks and started talking and everything, now the next few things that i’m going to explain to you, is the part where I want you to try and stay with me okay, it’s going to get very interesting from here………so back to the story we’re at our table and the waiter shows up and everything, if you’re interested in wondering the name of the waiter, well his name was Paris……

Yes I know what you’re thinking, Paris!? Shouldn’t that be a girls name!? Maybe, but if you really think about it, some guys have the name Ashley and that too is a girls name so………if a guy can be named Ashley, a guy can also be names Paris, but i’m getting away from the story so i’ll just come back to it, the waiter was named Paris, but that’s not the weird part, WHAT IS THE WEIRD PART THOUGH…………….he resembled and had the same personality as one of my best friends who I think I told you about!?

If not well I had a friend by the name Angel and well…….he passed away almost 2 years ago, it’ll be 2 years in August………..but yeah……….anyway I won’t get too sad here, but it was a shock when we found out about it and it was one of the most unexpected things to happen, he was one of the greatest people you’d ever have the pleasure of meeting and being friends with as well, he was goofy, very humble and just a very overall great human being as well as a one of a kind friend to have, i’m getting off track so back to the waiter………..

Yeah everything from his demeanor, personality, laugh, just everything was like Angel, it was the weirdest thing, I didn’t even know how to process what was happening, call me crazy, but that was no coincidence at all, I don’t feel like that was just random, I felt like he was trying to be there for me in someway and that might not make sense, but I feel like that happening, him bringing over a waiter that resembled him so well and everything, I feel like that was his way of saying he was around…………

I’m still unable to really comprehend it, because my nights been a little all over the place, but all I was able to say was “That’s weird” I just kept saying that the whole night, it was that……….I don’t know how to say it…………..but his presence called out so much that my brother had asked him a question about whether he was into wrestling, because my friend Angel was, he said he wasn’t, but someone he knew was, he then asked if he looked like one and we told him no, but that he reminded us of my friend Angel and we even showed him a picture of him and he even said that he could see it and that just from the photo he could feel his energy which is insane……..

He even apologized thinking he made things awkward, but he didn’t it was just crazy how the waiter just had the same presence as him. He also thanked us and said that it meant a lot that we saw him that way and that he’s glad that he was able to make the night better for us……………it was one heck of a night last night though, although I was super emotional, i’m glad that I was able to take a moment like that with me, i’m going to remember that encounter for a very long time………….not that you’d read this Ang, but thanks, it was nice running into you again, i’m gonna believe that was you tonight (well more like last night now since it’s almost 1am) thanks for being there, we love and miss you very much, we always do. I hope you’re happy and doing well…………..wherever you are…………….

P.S. That encounter was so weird and crazy I called my friend Sam when I got home and told her about it and even she said that was weird…………

All The Love ❤ ❤