Do you believe that coincidences just happen randomly or do you believe they’re there for a reason!? Sometimes it’s really hard to know whether something was/is a coincidence or not, sometimes it can feel like it is one, but then you think maybe it’s not, maybe it’s happening for a reason, but then you’ll also think that maybe you’re just looking into things.

Sometimes that’s how I feel, I always tend to look too much into things which is probably why i’m always so stressed all the time and getting myself all worked up, however I do also tend to feel as though there are just some things that are just too there in front of you to be just a coincidence, like for example the story I told you guys about yesterday, you know how that waiter resembled and shared an exact personality to my friend Angel.

It’s stuff like that, that makes you think, “yeaaah that wasn’t a coincidence” there could be some things though that could be a coincidence, at least I think so, however a lot of people think that coincidences aren’t just a coincidence and maybe that’s true, but we all have our own take on it.

All The Love ❤ ❤


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