You ever have a moment happen whether it was unexpected or not so unexpected and you happen to just go within that moment for a second not really knowing what to expect, but once you find yourself in it it’s not until after to where you really realize what just happened and so you find yourself just still trying to process what actually happened!?

Sometimes you have to take a moment and take things in a lot of the time it won’t really make sense and sometimes you’ll find yourself asking a lot of questions, but even when we aren’t quite sure on what exactly is going on taking the time to process things can really help you to think clearly about everything. We don’t always know what is the best way to process things at times, I don’t think there’s really a right way to process…….

I think you’re just meant to process it how you’re feeling it in the moment, depending on what you’re feeling, it might leave you filled with emotions or other feeling and sometimes you won’t always be able to control them, but as long as we do our best to keep things calm especially when not really all that prepared, then the process won’t really seem all that much, it’s also important to make sure that when we find ourselves thinking of things that need a little bit of a moment to process, we don’t go overthinking about it for too long, when we allow our brains to overthink, we give it too much power and we end up having a hard time trying to quiet it down.

So whenever it comes to processing, we just have to try and keep calm and keep our brains from over flowing with thoughts and know that if we need to feel what we’re trying to process, it’s okay to feel them feel them, when we allow ourselves to feel while processing everything, we let any pent up emotions we’ve been burying surface and allow them to release from our system, allowing us to feel a little lighter, letting the rest of our thoughts come to us a little more clearer…….fully processing things even when we don’t quite get it in the moment, can really help make things a bit easier.

All The Love ❤ ❤


Listen To Yourself When It Tells You Not To Listen To YourSelf

I know the title’s probably confusing you guys, so i’m gonna explain it in the best way that I can on what I mean. The reasoning for this title is, because we all have a habit of going so deep within ourselves, well more like our minds like to make us go deep with ourselves and pick every flaw we have, as well as choosing memories that we try to avoid, all because it just likes putting all these negative emotions and feelings in front of us, so that way we go off track and wander off into that neck of the woods, even when we tell ourselves to avoid that part of the woods, sometimes we listen and sometimes we go and wonder off anyway. 

We all have moments where the negativity in our heads become so strong that it kinda makes it hard to ignore them and although we try and try to push them aside when they start to creep up, they never like to stay put. Negativity loves to get in our faces and make us believe that everything that we’re feeling, every little thought and worry that we have is worth stressing over and it’s not, it’s really not, yet, no matter how many times we tell ourselves to stop stressing and not think so much on it, we all know that sometimes it’s just easier said then done.

We can have days to where we listen to ourselves about it, but most of the time, although we try, we let our minds win and that’s not good because if we keep letting our minds win when it comes to negativity, we’re always gonna embrace the negatives and you never want that. Unraveling and drowning ourselves in our own negative thoughts………..we’re stronger than that and we don’t need it…….we don’t need it at all and that’s why I say listen to yourself, when it tells you not to listen to yourself. By telling yourself not to listen to your own thoughts anymore, when it comes to the negatives, you give yourself the chance to put your focus onto things, worth focusing on while giving yourself a better outlook and mindset as well.

I know that sometimes it can be super, heck extremely hard to try and keep yourself from going down that neck of the woods, believe me I know, but every time you find yourself or feel yourself wandering off, stop and really think, “Is this thing that i’m stressing on and overthinking really that important and is it doing me any good, am I benefitting from it!? If you find yourself unable to come up with anything useful, then wander off somewhere else because it’s not worth it.  Also remember sometimes we are our own worst enemy and although we should always trust ourselves, sometimes we have to keep ourselves from invading our own personal space at times. 

All The Love ❤ ❤ 


Photo by Jon Eric Marababol on Unsplash

Morning Pages/Evening Pages

Have you guys ever written morning pages before, have you even heard of it!? I’m not quite sure whether I heard of it or not, but i’ve never written anything on it before, now what I mean on that is when it comes to morning pages, I never thought about participating in it, today was kinda the first time I slightly participated in it, I say slightly, because I didn’t finish what I was writing and I seem to be doing that a lot actually, lately if I write in my thought journal, I don’t really finish writing out what at the time I wanted to write out, which i’m not exactly sure why I do that.

For those who aren’t familiar with morning pages, what they basically are is……..weeeell to me and maybe to a lot of others who’ve heard of them, they’re pretty much morning journal entries. I actually feel there’s a difference between regular journal entries and morning pages, journal entries you write whatever you want to write, it could be about what you’re feeling, what you’re happy about stuff like that, but with morning pages you pretty much just write everything that’s in your head when you wake up in the morning, so if you’re feeling crappy, you write it out, no filters or anything, just everything that’s going on in your head on a piece of paper. I tried doing that this morning…..okay it wasn’t in the morning it was more around 11am which to me is close to the afternoon, so I guess they were more afternoon pages than morning pages.

If you’re wondering why I decided to talk upon morning pages, i’ll try and it explain as best as I can…….sooo yesterday I kinda didn’t have the greatest night, like I was alright, it wasn’t a bad day, but I had a moment during the night where I started overthinking something and when I overthink, I don’t quite know how to stop myself from overthinking, which tends to put me in certain moods that I don’t like, I get very frustrated with myself and upset as well because of the fact that I constantly overthink things and although I really try not to, I still end up doing it and I don’t really understand why that is.

Back to why i’m talking about morning pages, while I was overthinking, this might sound weird but……….sometimes when I am feeling something, I like to google it, which I know isn’t probably the best thing in the world, because then you have different things telling you stuff that will cause you to overthink more and yeaaah, you guys know what I mean. Anyway so I looked up why I was overthinking so much and I found different articles on ways to stop overthinking and one of the tips was to start morning pages. Everything that is in your head during the morning just write it out, they even said it didn’t have to makes any sense, because we’d be the only ones reading it, they also said there’s no wrong way to write morning pages……..yet I felt this morning I wasn’t quite doing it right which is weird.

I was writing my thoughts, but I found myself trying to think about how to word everything and call me crazy or tell me i’m wrong, but I don’t think you’re meant to wonder on how to write morning pages, I think you’re just meant to just write and not think about how to write it, that’s why I felt I was doing it wrong………I mean like how do you mess up morning pages when all you have to do is write about everything that’s in your head, I just don’t understand it!?………and I have a thought journal where I write down my thoughts, but that journal I also tend to think about how to say things because i’m not good with words all that much. Is it just me or do any of you feel like that as well!? I hope i’m not the only one and if I am, well then I sure need to not try so hard if i’m gonna start writing morning pages don’t I!?

Hopefully all of this made sense somehow, have you guys ever tried morning pages or even heard of it, if so do you feel that it helps you get on with your day better or do you still find yourself overthinking certain things either way!?



All The Love ❤ ❤



Update: I actually finished writing my morning pages from earlier in my journal, so now it’s more of an evening pages, if that made sense……I wrote about 3-4 and a half pages of thoughts, so yeah, hope you all have a goodnight/morning and or evening.


Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash