Let’s Talk: Encanto (Movie Thoughts) – Part 2

Happy Wednesday to you all, hope all has been well and that you’re having a good day so far! We’re already halfway into the month of February which is quite insane because it fees like we just started the month and I know February isn’t the longest month of the year, but still, although I feel even though this month is the shortest one, I always feel it takes a while to actually finish, but that’s just feelings on it!

Anyway welcome to part 2 where we’ll be discussing more Encanto related things and by that I mean, just finishing up my thoughts about the movie and sharing on what I wasn’t able to express in the last episode, now I am writing this out, but I will also be making this post into an episode that way I don’t over do it when introducing the topic and by over doing it I mean taking a while to actually get to the topic….it’s a nervous habit I do, I try not to, but it always happens, so I thought if I wrote it down…I’d have a better chance at it coming out with more ease, we’ll see how it goes honestly!

On to a bit more Encanto yeah!? Okay so I don’t know if anyone that’s reading this has listened to the first episode, but if you would like to check it out, you can listen to it here: https://anchor.fm/lexa-marie3/episodes/Lets-Talk-Encanto-Movie-Thoughts-Part-1-Ep–48-e1e6ic5

Small Recap: Encanto (movie thoughts)- Part 1

I will try and sum up what has already been discussed in that episode, I’ll do my best to anyway, let’s see what I can remember…..I know that we spoke a little about the soundtrack, not fully though, because I wanted to do something different with that one, be it an episode, blog post….something else….I’m still a bit unsure with what I want to do there, but it’ll come to me! As far as other thoughts with it goes I know we discussed on it being the first movie to really focus on family in a good while since Lilo and Stitch (From my knowledge)

and just about the different messages that they had hidden within it, there was a lot covered for the most part and I know there was most likely a bit more that was spoken about, but that’s all I can remember honestly so with that being said, let’s get into the rest of the stuff related to Encanto that I wanted to speak about! Now there’s a few theories that I had written down, some that I came up with, while others being like fan theories, now some of the theories that are fan related, I too had felt myself when I had watched the movie for the first time!

Part 2 (Wrap Up)

One of the theories that I agree with along side many others is the fact that the casita is definitely Abuela’s late husband and Mirabel’s grandfather (as well as her siblings and cousins) Pedro, now it’s not actually confirmed that it is Alma’s late husband, however I like to think that it is HEAVILY implied that is the embodiment spirit of the casita! The reason I believe 100% that Pedro in fact the casita is because 1. It makes ABSOLUTE complete sense and 2. It just feels right for him to have become the Madrigal home!

He literally sacrificed himself just so that his family could be safe, so it’s not that far fetched to think that he might have become the actual protector of the home in spirit form. Now I know not everyone believes in that kind of thing and that’s perfectly fine, but as someone who comes from part of a Spanish speaking family, believing in the Spiritual side of things isn’t that unfamiliar to me and there are certain things I believe in, while other things not really…..however when it comes to movies like Encanto and it being based in a Latin speaking country (Columbia) it’s not that hard to believe that, Abuelo Pedro isn’t protecting the house in someway,

plus the house interacts so much with Mirabel that it (Spoiler Alert) LITERALLY saves her before collapsing in on itself due to the stresses and troubles the Madrigal family were dealing with, but weren’t voicing let’s just say….so if that doesn’t convince you then I don’t know, but then again it is a fan theory so who am I to say anything!!

Next Theory…..Abuela Alma…..is the sorta villian, but not actually….One of the things that I noticed when watching Encanto is that there really wasn’t anyone trying to cause too much issue, yes it can seem like Mirabel might be the one stirring things by asking the real question that no one wants to ask or give attention to, but all Mirabel ever tried to do was just show her family that, even though she doesn’t have a gift like the rest of her family doesn’t mean that she isn’t still someone that can bring something good for everyone!

That’s the reason why I say Abuela Alma is the somewhat the villian, it’s not on a purpose scale, she’s not doing it intentionally, but more on the fact that she held everyone in the Madrigal home at a certain expectation that I’m sure even herself could not fulfill! She didn’t see her family as her family, it was more like the gifts they hold was more important then what they were actually feeling, but they weren’t allowed to express it because they wanted to please Abuela Alma pretty much and make sure they were doing their part in making sure everyone in the family were safe and well!

Which was one of the main reasons the Casita was coming apart from the inside showcasing cracks that only Mirabel could see, because no one was voicing their true emotions due to the fact that they were scared of Alma! Abuela literally drove her own son (again spoiler alert) Bruno to not abandon the family, but to leave because he knew how his mother was, as much as he loved his family he could stand to see them cast aside Mirabel the same way they did to him, even though it kind still sorta happened anyway!

I mean notice how the casita never showed cracks on the outside of the home, but only within the home at certain times!? It was only shown when someone started speaking their truth, which says a lot….now again this not me saying to hate on Abuela, far from it, I’m just analyzing the situation here, she never meant to do it, it was just after losing the love of her life after trying to escape the home that was being overtook by war people so her family could be safe and not have to worry…..it broke her, it turned her cold a little….

Not that she didn’t love her family, she loved them very deeply which is how the miracle candle came about, she gave them shelter after witnessing the death of her husband, so she did what she could and what was right at the time! Had it been different, then it would have been completely handled in a whole better way, but had what transpired not happened we wouldn’t have gotten the movie Encanto!!

Due to what she experienced resulted in the way her family was treated, she forgot the reason why the casita truly existed, it wasn’t because of the miracle (yes it helped to begin things again) but it was because of the love and bond she had for her family and it took Mirabel (the escape goat for a while) of the family to get her to truly open her eyes and see that, it was never about the their gifts, but them as a family and that no matter what is happening and what trial and tribulation are going on in their lives that they will always find a way to overcome them together!

Last thing I want to talk about is….Mirabel not getting a gift….honestly, I glad she didn’t get one, let me explain, had Mirabel gotten a gift it would’ve went the same where she was only looked at for her gift and not for just being herself! Now that being said, I honestly feel that Mirabel did get one, just not in the same way that everyone else got one, my theory (maybe other people out there think the same) is that Mirabel’s gift is greater then having the gift of strength like her sister Luisa (who is great) Being perfect like her other sister Isabella or controlling the weather like her aunt Pepa…..Mirabel to me her gift is being the foundation of the Madrigal family…..if you really think about it, you can’t really give foundation as a gift, by being herself as quirky and smart as she is…..she brings something to the table that not even her own mother could and she has the ability to heal with food (she’s also great by the way)

Mirabel is very unique, she is the embodiment of being that foundation that is needed to keep everyone together, she gives the most support over EVERYONE in her family while everyone…..well most of everyone…..always saw her as being in the way and not all that helpful, even though she was always being extremely helpful, they just couldn’t see it! They didn’t acknowledge how much she actually gave, she was the one to get everyone to really express themselves, because she knew that it would them to be better versions of themselves even going out of her way (with the help of her tio-uncle Bruno) to speak to her oldest sister Isabella that she always bumps heads with because of how perfect she is and even gets her to admit her true feelings and speaking of Bruno, even though we’re not meant to talk about Bruno…..she even helps to reunite and have everyone welcome him back into the family, regardless to the fact that he never really left!

So all this talk about Mirabel not getting a gift, to me she does have one, she managed to put her own feelings aside with not having a gift like everyone else in her family (besides her other uncle and father) so that she can help save the miracle all while making sure her family didn’t fall apart indefinitely, all she cared about was her family, she wanted them to know that gift or no gift that she really does love and care for them!

That’s why at the end of the movie if you watched it…..you see Mirabel complete both prophecy’s of destroying and rebuilding the Madrigal, hence why she is later given a door to whatever gift is meant to be reveal that she has in the next movie…..which I believe is her being the next in line to take over as head of the table…..which is a really big task to take over, so that is a HUGE responsibility that she’s stepping into if that is the case, but we won’t know until the next movie is made…..those are all my thoughts that I have, I was not expecting to go this deep with the episode in writing (until I record it) but honestly I am proud of this episode because it allowed me to say all the thoughts I wasn’t expecting to say and I’m extremely happy with it!

The recording might have some things different here and there, but I will be reading everything I wrote here into the episode I might just leave out the recap of the first part however, but I will try and stick to what I have here, hopefully you guys enjoy and like this read/episode, that is all I got anything I feel I want to say that I haven’t here I’ll just say it in the episode, but thank you for listening and reading, I might schedule this for maybe tomorrow that way it matches with the podcast episode, so you’ll read it then, enjoy the rest of your day!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


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