Out For A While….

Hey everyone, hope that you have all been doing well! This post is probably going to be slightly different, there’s some stuff that I want to say, not really sure what exactly those things are, but I just feel like I need to say some stuff…..I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately….like a lot of thinking non stop and it hasn’t been about one thing, there’s a lot of things on my mind and I know that I should be able to express on them, but as you know I don’t like expressing my personal thought normally, however I know that I’m not going to be able to shake all these thoughts coming into my head until I finally sort through them properly!

I just feel like there’s a lot of change going on within myself as well as with everything around me…..I’ve had moments where I’ve thought about whether blogging is still for me, like I do like writing, I’m not going to ever stop writing, you’re always going to find me with some kind of paper/journal and pencil in hand or with a pen even sometimes, which is a tool I don’t always use that often, but I do use it more often then I used to before…. but I don’t feel like the passion for blogging is there for me and I kind of been feeling that for a while, now I’m not saying that I’m going to quit blogging, I’ve had this blog for 3 years now and I feel I would find it hard to just give it up and never write on here again….

I’m always going to want to have it with me and share certain things that I have in my heart to write, I just don’t if it’s still for me, but I’m not going to stop writing on here and I’m not going to give it up all together, I’ve put a lot of hard work as well as some sweat and tears into it…..this blog has helped me a lot, I mean it gave me a voice when I felt I didn’t have one for a while, it’s let me express in many different ways so I’m always going to keep it close to me, I just don’t feel like I can write all the time with it, so I’m probably not going to write on it as often as when I first started and as often as I’ve been, which actually hasn’t been that often, I’ve just been writing on occasions really to be honest!

I just don’t feel like I’ve been giving it enough and that’s due to me not having that much passion for it and I would like to have more passion for it, but I only write when I’m inspired or when I feel I have something to say like now so yeah, I’m not turning away from blogging, I just feel it’s time to give it a bit of rest! Now despite me giving writing a rest for a little while, I will still post when I have a new podcast episode up just to let you know it’s up or when I am feeling super inspired to want to share on here or if I have any personal thoughts that I need to release and get out of my head!

Other than that…..I won’t be writing much…..there’s a lot of other reasons to it, but one of the reasons is because I don’t feel passionate enough about it…..I’ve also like I said have been in my head a lot which keeps me from focusing on anything…..there’s just a lot of things/decisions that are important that I need to sort and face and I can’t do that without the right clear headspace, in order for me to really feel relaxed about everything…..I need to take a really big moment to myself and see what it is I want to do and get my head right!

What I mean by that is, I know what I want to do, but what I want to do is a big thing, like it’s a really big decision, so I have to make sure I’m figuring it out right, sooo if I’m away for a while and longer than I need to be….it’s for a reason, I’ll be back soon enough, I promise, I just need to sit and start making decisions for once!


Here’s my latest podcast episode: all about Ed Sheeran’s latest song Bad Habits

Now Playing…..Bad Habits By Ed Sheeran (Plus Some Other Thoughts) Ep. 35 Daydreamer's Podcast

Happy Wednesday, hope you all are doing well! In today episode, we're going to be discussing another musician, we're going to be talking about Ed Sheeran and his latest song Bad Habits, Ed is one amazing artist, one of my favorites to listen to and I've been meaning to share my thoughts upon this song and we're finally going to be getting to it, we also discuss a few other things, but they are related to the topic!!

All The Love ❀ ❀


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