Just One Of Those Days

I want to tell you guys that this blog post is gonna make sense and I know exactly what i’m gonna talk about, buuut i’d just be lying to you if I said that. My head and mind right now aren’t even in the same place to be honest, I woke up in such deep thought…….it’s like I don’t even know and I know that doesn’t make any sense, that’s just where my mind and heads at right now. I had a pretty okay day today though, i’ve just been in deep thought mode throughout, well pretty much the whole day actually, you know it’s like whenever i’m in deep thought it’s kinda hard for me to get out of it quickly and i’ll end up staying there for a pretty decent amount of time.

Mind you though, it’s been a little weird, because normally when i’m in deep thought I ponder for a very long time and all my focus just goes to my thoughts, but today even though i’ve been in my mind, I still did my best to keep my focus on other things as well, which I have to say i’m happy about, because it’s the first time where I didn’t give into my own emotions and thoughts, even though something did try and creep into my mind earlier, I shook it off though and just did my best to continue and tend to what I was doing.

Today I attempted to recorded my video again, remember I told you that it stopped midway of me talking, yeeeah it did it again, however this time, I looked at the video and everything that I had recorded was there before it stopped, after I watched it, I realized that with my camera it will only record a certain amount before it stops, so now I know that if I were to record videos, it will only record up to about 18 minutes of it. After watching back the video, I went to record where I left off, but saw that my camera battery was running low again, so I had to charge it of course, before I put it on the charger though, I went to see if the video I did yesterday recorded everything and whatta you know, it did!! I then said to myself that if I would’ve just looked the video over, I could’ve just picked up where I left off then, but I didn’t, but hey now I know right!?

So that’s been my day really, I still was in deep thought mode afterwards and there was more I was feeling, but i’m better now, i’m not in my mind as much…..uhhh….but yeah, that’s all i’m gonna talk about, not gonna make this blog post too long or anything, I just  wanted to share that, plus I felt I just needed to kinda get a little of that out……umm….but anyway, I hope you all have a goodnight/morning and or evening.


All The Love ❤ ❤



Featured Photo By: Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

So That Went Well…….Camera’s……..

I know you’re probably confused to what i’m talking about, but don’t worry i’ll explain in a second, before I do though, I just wanted to let you know that this blog post isn’t gonna be a long one, well at least it shouldn’t be a long one. Anyway let’s move on to the post shall we!? Okay so for those who end up reading this, today I tried to record a video and normally I would record on my phone camera, but I don’t have anymore space on it sooooo, there’s that, but also I wanted to see what it would be like to use my camera since 1. It has more space, 2. I thought it’d be easier to use and 3. I just thought it made sense to use it, you know!?

So I decided to record a video after a very long time of not recording, I made sure to write down what it was I was going to be talking about in it, well just the topics I wanted to discuss that is. I then set up my tripod that I recently got for my camera and i’m just gonna say it, i’m not gonna pretend that I wasn’t…….I was super nervous recording again and when I get nervous and realize i’m about to do something after a very long time or if i’m just doing something for the first time, I laugh……nervously of course……..I also talk to myself out loud expressing how I can’t believe i’m doing this or about how super nervous I am.

Long story short, I set up my tripod, although at first I had no idea what I was doing, it took me a bit to set it up until I then came to the thought of “hmmmm maybe I should read the instructions” you know, make sure i’m doing things right. So I checked the instructions and after looking them over, I ended up getting the hang of it, I attached my camera to the tripod, I then had to make sure everything was aligned right, well at least in a way that was good enough for me and after doing that for a good while, I then hit record. Again super nervous, so my words were just all over the place, I was going off topic, because that’s my specialty and all……..but yeah so, I was recording and in the beginning of me recording I went to check to see if everything was okay and if it was still recording (it was)

I was only 13 minutes into the video from the last time I checked and sigh…………this is the part where a small amount of frustration kicks in………I guess you could say it was my need to constantly talk to where, I forgot to check to see if it was still recording because while I was still talking I heard this noise and was like……..”Wait what happened!?” went over to my camera aaaaand………yeah you probably could guess what happened……..it stopped………I was in the middle of talking and it had stopped recording………which meeeeans……….I gotta do it all over agaaain, yaaaaaaay………it was great, so wonderful……..loved it!!

Haha no, but in all seriousness, it was kinda my fault……okay it was my fault, I should’ve stopped after a few minutes of talking just to check the camera and see if it was still recording. You should’ve seen me though, I was soooo peeved off that, that had happened………I tried to record again, buuuut my battery camera, no kidding (I actually said that as I was typing though, so I wanted to add that in here just for fun…….yeah…..) anyway my camera battery, was running low so I had to put it to charge, it’s charged now, but i’m just gonna start off fresh tomorrow and see if I can get it right then, sigh……..I mean in all fairness maybe that happening was just to get my nerves out, I don’t know, but…….it’s okay, it’s cool, we’ll just start again and do it over tomorrow, no worries.

That was just a little behind the scenes story, I thought, what better thing to write about then that happening, hopefully you all enjoyed it, seee told ya this wouldn’t be that long, anyway hope you all have a great night/morning and or evening.


All The Love ❤ ❤



Note to self check the camera every few minutes, BEFORE you continue to go on and on……


Photo by Mpho Mojapelo on Unsplash