Top Favorites At The Moment…..

Disclaimer: I started this post Friday, but I just hadn’t gotten the chance to finish it just yet, but i’m going to be finishing it today so……on to the post!!

Well we’ve come towards the end of the week, hope everyone’s Friday is treating them all well and I hope you’re having good weather, it’s pretty cold and windy with a bit of rain, over where I am, although there’s not much rain happening at the moment, but the weather has been pretty gloomy these past few days, Spring should be around the corner soon so i’m sure it’ll clear up eventually, but to be honest…..I don’t really mind the cold,

Somewhat anyway, sometimes it’s too cold for my liking, but i’d say it’s better than being really hot so it’ll do for the meantime…….

Anyway, I thought since it’s the end of the week i’d talk about some of my favorite things that i’ve been enjoying lately, it’s been a while since i’ve done one of these, so I figured why not give a new update on some things that I have been into during this month and past month as well!!

First on the list……..RIME:

First on the list is one of my favorites to where i’d probably say it a second time, i’ve just started playing this game a couple days ago and it’s quite the story I must say, there’s so much to this game that a lot of the time i’m questioning just what exactly is going on, but whenever I play this game, I find myself becoming easily immerse in it, it’s just a really good game!!

I love adventure type games, where you get to explore and do all these different things… Rime is the first game that i’ve played that is more open world based, where you get to take your time and explore and see everything without having to automatically beat the game right away,

You’re not having to rush through it, with rime I find you have to have patients, what I like about this game is that it makes you really pay attention and look at everything, if you just play rime with the mindset of wanting to just finish the game, you’re going to miss a lot and I like that it allows you to really soak the world you’re playing in……in ha!!

It’s a game that i’d recommend giving a try and really letting yourself get lost in when you play, now there’s obviously some stuff to it, that can be a bit of a annoyance and it’s more the way the camera can get at times as well as it sometimes carries some lags with it, but other than that, it’s still a pretty top notch game, the stories great, even though i’m still putting the pieces that it reveals together, soundtrack to it is just beautiful!!

It’s just a really enjoyable and all around game that has really become one of my favorites at the moment, so again i’d really recommend it!!

2nd on the list……Dark Chocolate Kit Kats

Yeah probably a very weird and random thing to put on a list, but don’t worry this won’t be long, i’ve just been very obsessed with these lately, it’s just really good, I know that dark chocolate isn’t really everyone’s favorite, because it’s a bit more bitter than regular chocolate, but I really like these, I don’t eat them all time, that would not be healthy, but I must say these are simply the best, probably prefer them over the originals to be honest,

Don’t know why, I didn’t really eat kit kat’s all that often, in fact they were probably pretty low on the list of chocolate’s I liked, but when I tried this one for the first time, I couldn’t really get how good they were out of my head after trying them so yeah they’ve climbed a good few spots on the list.

Last on the list…….Mediative Chilled Music (as I like to call it)

This is the thumbnail from one of my favorite chilled mix playlist, if you’re curious to know who the artist of it is, I left it for you guys, but you can also find it in the videos description as well
Image by — Artem RHADS

I’m not really sure what it is about mediative music, but it’s soooo soothing and there’s so many different ones to choose from, that it’s ridiculous, but in a good way of course, i’ve been listening to it for a good few months now, but it’s great to have as background noise when you need to re clam yourself, if you’re reading working on something whatever you do really,

It just brings a good feeling with it, there’s one for every category, seriously not kidding, if you need something nice and calm to listen to, definitely try it out, if it’s something you’ve never considered doing before!! Here’s one of my favorites in case you guys are interested, i’ll leave a few actually:

Wonderland|Beautiful Chill Mix (BLUME)

Ambient Space Music (Relaxation Space Music)

Mountains|Beautiful Chill Mix (BLUME)

And that is all my favorites at the moment, not that big of a list, but it’s still good, yeah still good…. (says in a stitch voice….sorta) let me know what are your favorite things are at moment, i’d love to hear about it!! Hope you’re all having a good weekend, even though it’s almost over……hope you also had a nice week as well and hope you have a good upcoming one.

All The Love ❤ ❤


Top Favorite/Least Favorite Pitch Perfect 3 Songs…….

I’m sure we’ve all seen the pitch perfect movies before and if you haven’t I would suggest checking them out, some of you might enjoy it, some of you might not, it all depends on your choice of movie preference, there’s 3 movies to the franchise and to me they’re all good!!

I don’t ever hate a movie, if I like it, I like it and if I don’t then I don’t, but I can never talk bad about a movie, especially if it’s Pitch Perfect, because I enjoy all 3 movies, but that’s just me……..You guys might have a different opinion towards the Pitch Perfect franchise and that’s perfectly fine, but anyway here’s my top favorite and least favorite Pitch Perfect 3 songs……

Favorite: Cheap Thrills

Pitch Perfect 3 Cheap Thrills Movie Scene

I love Cheap Thrills and I love this scene (yeah I know that was cheesy) This is probably one of my favorite songs they cover in Pitch Perfect 3. It may not sound like much to you and you might think there’s better scenes, but to me I think it’s great, I can’t tell you how many times I go back and just listened to Anna Kendrick’s a.k.a Becca’s part in this, I just love it!!!

The way she sings “I love Cheap Thrills” towards the middle close to the end (1:46 is where it starts & 1:53 is where that part ends, but you can just watch up until 2:09 or just watch the whole thing, because I think the whole thing is great)

That whole scene I like really, you should see me when i’m watching it, I get so happy and excited whenever I hear that part, she just gets so into it and you can see how much she’s enjoying herself, I also like Hailee Steinfeld’s parts when she’s singing (Emily) her voice is great Hailee she’s another one I enjoy watching, I also like Cynthia’s voice in this (her real name is Ester)

Everyone has great vocals in this, but Anna Kendricks voice in this scene, I just love it, it’s different and it stands out nicely from everyone else’s, it’s just great, but everyone did great here, I just really love Anna Kendricks parts during cheap thrills………P.S. Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) her part in this scene is great too, anytime there’s some kind of freestyle happening she always brings it to where you can’t help, but smile, she’s just a contagious character to watch, I love Rebel Wilson!!!

Least Favorite: Sit Still and Look Pretty

Pitch Perfect 3: Sit Still And Look Pretty Movie Scene

Okay so I feel kinda bad writing this, but……..this was not my favorite scene from the movie…… hear me out, the songs not bad, it’s a nice song and I love Hailee’s voice with it, I feel like it works well………..I just didn’t like this one as much, I even went back and watched it (twice) just to see if I felt different with it and in all honesty, my view on it didn’t change.

Again Hailee’s great I really like her, her voice is great, her character in the 2 movies are great as well…….but I don’t know, there’s just something about this scene I wasn’t really into……….it’s not the worst scene of the movie, it’s alright, it’s just not my favorite scene of the movie…….I will say this though, there was some funny parts in this scene with the Bellas watching Emily and her new group sing, you’ll know what i’m talking about if you watch it.

Update: I went back to watch it one more time, so i’ve watched it 3 times now, but I don’t know i’m still not feeling this one, believe me I wanted to like it, but I can’t seem to and it bothers me that I don’t like it as much as the others, I love Hailee though and I still think she did great, I just don’t like it for some reason…….you’re still amazing though Hailee, I love ya!! 

Favorite: Riff Off

Pitch Perfect 3: Riff Off Movie Scene

I always enjoy these riff off’s in the pitch perfect movies, would I consider this one my favorite riff off from the franchise………I don’t know, the other two are pretty great as well, so I might have to compare them and see which ones I like better…………all I know is I enjoyed it!!! Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) her part in this was hilarious, the way she just belts out this one line in the movie is hilarious, that whole scene afterwards was great.

She’s one of the best characters in this movie, I know I said it already, but I just love her!!! This whole riff off is enjoyable, because everyone is just having a good time, well the Bellas are being competitive here……..

but even when they are competitive you can see they still enjoy themselves and that’s why I enjoy watching these riff off’s you get a lot of different things with it and it’s just a good time.

Favorite: Toxic

Pitch Perfect 3: Toxic Movie Scene

This is a fun scene, The Bellas trying to distract Fat Amy’s dad so she could foil his plan (I know, I know, who says foil anymore!?…….) I really like their version of Toxic, Chloe (Brittney Snow) tries to impersonate Britney when the song starts, doing that baby voice Britney does and she actually doesn’t do that bad of a job at it. also I like the way Chloe & Becca telepathically speak to each other in this scene, it’s like she know what Becca’s thinking,

It always surprises and amazes me the way all of them are able to make music with just their vocals, no instruments needed at all, like you wouldn’t really think that’d be a thing and then you watch pitch perfect and you’re like “woah, how do they do that!? that’s awesome!!!”

I just love pitch perfect, there’s just things you wouldn’t expect them to do and then you watch them do it and it’s like, whaaat, it’s just incredible.

Bonus Honorable Mentions:

I Don’t Like It, I Love It

Pitch Perfect 3: I Don’t Like It, I Love It Movie Scene

Cake By The Ocean

Pitch Perfect 3: Cake By The Ocean Movie Scene

I don’t really have much to say on these scene, I just really like these and wanted to add them, they’re just fun scenes to me and I didn’t want to leave them out so that’s why they’re in the honorable mentions.

All Time Favorite From The 3rd Movie: Freedom

Pitch Perfect 3: Freedom Movie Scene

Last, but certainly not least, as I went and saved the best for last here, the final performance of Pitch Perfect 3………..oh how I love this scene, every time I watch it, I get so drawn into it and then end up becoming a mess a bit when I get emotional, I can’t help it alright………it’s just a beautiful scene!!! It tells a story between the Bellas and everything they’ve been through as a group……….so of course you’re gonna feel something, well at least I will.

It just hits you in the feels, the minute it starts it pulls you in, everything about it is just wonderful, I love this whole scene, it’s one of my all time favorites!!!! The way Becca starts off the song alone and then brings the Bella’s up on stage with her for one last performance with all of them together as a group, it just makes me want to cry every time I watch it, which I tend to do most times, it’s just a very heartwarming finale.

To watch the Bellas go from performing as a group in the first two movies to then seeing them branching off to go and do their own thing, it does make you want to get emotional, because of how far they’ve come on their journey together, I just really love this scene, I love everything about this movie, I can’t really hate the pitch perfect movies because which ever one I watch, i’m always left smiling and wanting more, I just enjoy them.

Now sure some may like the first one better to the second, or the second one better to the third, or the second better to the first and so on, but they’re all good in their own way, the first one’s a classic, second one is beautiful and this one I think is a nice send off to the Bellas moving on to bigger and better things, but knowing that they will always be there for each other whether as a group or individually, which is just beautiful!!!!

Now if they go and make a 4th one, which I heard might be in the make……….not sure though, but if they do make a 4th Pitch Perfect movie you bet your bottom dollar i’m watching it (yes I just referenced Annie here) that’s how much I love the movies!!

All The Love ❤ ❤