What’s The Pressure!? (Inspired By A Song Title)

Pressure we all go through it, we all feel it, yet we don’t know why!? Okay maybe we know why, it’s because we either put it onto ourselves or we feel under pressure when it comes to trying to do things right or just trying to do everything all at once, which then leads us to stress out, feel anxious, become frustrated and sometimes it will even have us have a few breakdown at times. Feeling pressure isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it can be a motivational and inspiring kind of thing, but even then we’ll always feel stressed out, because when we put a massive amount of pressure on ourselves it will start to effect us mentally and physically because we have a tendency to put more on ourselves then we know we should.

Now I talked about dealing with funks yesterday and in that I expressed about how we’re always trying to do things ourselves, we feel as though we can handle any problem without a problem and we’ll be fine, even if it’s something that we know deep down that we may need a little help with, we still chose the option to always do it alone. It’s a real mind boggle on why that is, maybe it could be because it’s our natural instinct, we’re born with this thing that makes us want to always handle things ourselves and I guess because that is, we’re always choosing the option to ask for help last and by us always choosing to do things without help, that’s where the pressure comes in.

We know we may need a little help, but we feel as though, no one can do things the way we do it so why even bother!? I mean we got this far with it so why should we ask for help now!? Asking for help isn’t a bad thing, some of us have in our minds that if we were to ask for help, it’ll make it seem like we can’t do it on our own, we’re not strong enough and it will even have us thinking we’re failures because we should’ve figured it out already and that’s why the pressure we put onto ourselves can get so heavy at times, because we’re constantly trying to prove to ourselves and to those around us that we can do it, but even though we are able to handle a lot of stuff, we too have to remember that we do have breaking points.

We’re not superhero’s and even if we were we’d still have breaking points, because even superhero’s have times when they can only handle, but so much. Asking for a little hand when you know that you need it or feel you need it, isn’t bad, it doesn’t make you seem less strong or make you a failure, it just means you’re human and you know that you can use a little help and support. We all need a little help and support, by us trying to handle everything on our own, we’re gonna end up running ourselves to the ground and you don’t ever want to have it where you’re burning yourself out.

When we put that much stress and pressure on ourselves, that’s where we really need to sit with ourselves and say “Hey look, I know we’re use to doing things alone and we’re use to carrying more than what we know we can, but I really think that we can use a little help with this, because if you haven’t noticed, we’re getting super frustrated and we’re stressing ourselves out, trying to do everything all at once, when we know deep down, we just can’t be bothered to deal with all of this” most of the time we’ll ignore our own inner voice that is telling us all of this, but maybe we should try listening to it sometimes, I think it knows what it’s talking about.

We’re always trying to make things so much harder for ourselves when in reality we don’t really need to, It’s okay to have someone there to help take a little of that pressure off from you, that way you can de stress a bit, relax, take a little breather, we don’t have to do everything ourselves. If you know that you need some help with something or you’re feeling super stressed out and are under a lot of pressure with trying to do everything all at once or just anything, step back a bit, take a deep breath and if you know deep down you can’t handle something on your own just ask for a little help, even if it’s just for a bit, you’ll feel so much better and you won’t feel as though you’re carrying a load of bricks in a backpack.


All The Love ❀ ❀



Featured Photo: Photo byΒ Clem OnojeghuoΒ onΒ Unsplash