Why Is Simple Complicated!?

We’ve all been there before, we come across a pathway or just something that should be simple and easy, yet we tend to make what should be easy to us 1000 times harder. Why is that!? why is it that we feel that simple just isn’t enough!? why do we feel the need to over complicate things!? These are the questions that we should ask ourselves a little more often. We as humans always feel as though keeping things simple and just simple in general is really hard to keep up with and the thing is……it’s actually not, we just think that it is, because we always feel the need to rationalize everything that we do, say or feel and that’s something we shouldn’t have to do, we get so caught up trying to figure everything out that we forget that we don’t really have to have everything figured out.

Sure there we’ll be things that we have to really sit down, take in and think about, but not everything has to be in that same format, it’s okay to just not over analyze everything, I mean think about it!? When was the last time you dealt with something to where you probably thought “Oh gosh this is gonna stress me out isn’t it!?” but once you came face to face with it, you then realized that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was gonna be. Think of it this way: You have a workspace right!? you do what you do and let’s be honest here, we’ve all ended up turning our workspace into our personal, “let me just place this thing right here and i’ll get back to it later” place.

Come the next day we then add something new to that workspace and the process then continues, until we have to use that workspace again and then come to the realization that we can’t, because it is filled with a whole lot of unnecessary things. Here we are now stuck having to clear and put back everything that in all honestly could’ve been avoided if we just put them back in their original place the first time. You see where i’m going with this!? The whole workspace scenario could’ve been so simple, had we not continuously added stuff to our workspace, then we would’ve been able to use it when we needed to use it. We have the choice to make things simple for ourselves, but for some unknown reason we don’t, we just feel complicated it the best thing for us when in all reality it just leaves us stressed out, tired and just not wanting to deal with anything.

If we just learn to work on making things a whole lot more easier for ourselves and a whole lot more simple as well, we would find that we end up feeling a whole lot better and less stressed out all the time. I mean why would you want to be stressed all the time!? I know that stress is something that’s gonna happen at times, but if it’s happening all the time that’s when you should really stop and think about everything you’re doing.

When things start to get just a little too complicated, really ask yourself “is it really complicated or am I just making it really complicated!?” If you find yourself having to really think about it, then it might just be you over complicating it. It’s nothing you can’t fix though, you can always make things simple for yourself, all you gotta do is just really look at everything and decide is this really worth stressing over!? If you find that it’s not then just let it go and move on, however if it’s still bothering you a bit, you can always  write it down, come back to it later and when you do come back to it, look it over and see if it still has an effect on you, if it does try looking into why that is and see if you can break it down to where it becomes easier to work through.

Every complicated issue that we have, most of those issues aren’t as complicated as we make it seem, for some it might be, because everyones different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work through them and make those issues or whatever it is that is making you stress, a little less stress and what’s complicated, simple. Try to make things less stressful for yourself by making everything you do a little more simpler, it might just work and change your life for the better. Everything can be really simple if we just let it.

Anyway that’s all I have for now, i’m gonna sign off a different way today if you don’t mind and say that I hope you all are enjoying your day and are having a good one, with that I hope you all have a goodnight/morning and or evening 🙂

All The Love ❤ ❤


Decluttering Not Only Your Space But Your Mind As Well………(Shortest Blog Post I’ve Ever Written)

Hey everyone hope you’re all doing well, today I wanted to talk about decluttering, now most people would think that decluttering has to do with only getting rid of what you don’t need in your space, but that isn’t true, I mean it is, but there’s more to declutter than just your space. I actually wrote about this topic in my journal last night before I went to sleep and I thought why not also talk about it here as well, lately i’ve been in the mindset of wanting to get rid of everything that I feel isn’t really doing me any good and is only taking up space in my life, it’s mainly with actual stuff, I have so much stuff that I want to sort through, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I will soon, anyway back to what I was on about.

We all know that decluttering your space can be good for you because then you’ll be able to get rid of all the things that you no longer need and that no longer serve you good, while also making room for new and better things for you, it’ll also give you a much more cleaner space so you won’t have to stress about having too much around you, but the most important thing to declutter once in a while would be your mind. Let’s face it we don’t really take the time to really analyze our thoughts and look through them to see what should stay and what should go. We really should declutter our minds every once in a while though, that way we’re able to get rid of all the things that are only putting us down and really just taking up space in our minds that we really don’t need taken up. When we give ourselves the proper time to clear out the attic that we call our minds, we help give ourselves the chance to clear out the old and not so good thoughts and make room for a fresher mind and a much more positive outlook on things.

Decluttering both your living space and mind can really help you focus on what’s really important and it’ll help you also have a clearer perspective on everything. When you have so much stuff around you and so much going on in your head, it’s gonna be hard to really focus and get your brain in order, which will also make you feel very frustrated and it’ll start to drive you crazy after a while as well, okay maybe not crazy, but having too much stuff and a lot going on in your mind can get very overwhelming, bringing out all of your not so good emotions in the process. So when you get the chance make sure to declutter and get rid of all of the things and thoughts that are taking up too much space, if it doesn’t make you happy and it’s just becoming a burden on you just get rid of it, don’t keep holding on to it especially if it doesn’t do you any good, believe me you’ll feel a lot better, plus again you’ll be able to start off fresh and new and things will just become a lot more simpler to handle and i’m sure we can all agree that having things be a little simpler could do us all a little good, just saying.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today’s blog post, I don’t really have anything else to say here, I know that this ones shorter compared to my other blog posts, but I still hope that you enjoyed it in some way and that you were able to take something from this as well, anyway I hope you all have a goodnight, morning and or evening 🙂

All The Love ❤ ❤


Originally Written Aug 31st (See you Summer…..Until Next Time)