Let It Go, Let It Be (These Are Also Song Titles)……

Just so everyone’s not confused, I only wrote this so I could look back at the title and make myself laugh, it’s not clever and i’m sure it’s not funny to you guys, but doing things like this, reminds me to laugh for the moment and not think too much about things so intensively, which can be hard, because I know the more I write on the post the more i’m going to end up back in my mind slowly, so it helps to have titles like these so while i’m writing,

I’ll remember to laugh for the moment on how weird I can be, even when it’s not really all that weird, don’t mind me much……that being said though, since we have a title about it, how about we talk upon this topic a little.

First i’m just going to say, i’m not really sure what i’m writing really i’m kinda just free styling here….that’s not a word is it!? I’m kinda just writing as I go along pretty much. When it comes to letting it go or it be, whatever that IT is, we’re not talking about the clown here just to clarify okay!!

It’s more about things in general, although i’m pretty sure i’ve talked about this before, but sometimes you have different perspectives, so it’s okay if you want to talk about things more than once.

Letting things go or be, what does it mean!? Well it can mean a number of things to be fair, but it mainly means not over stressing, not allowing things to get to you as much, especially when it’s not in your control or if it something really small. Now we all know this right!?

Yet……we don’t keep it with us even though we know it’s important to, that being said, sometimes, even most times, we can’t help, but hold things close, especially when it has special value or when it means something to us.

It should be easy to figure out what should be held on to and what shouldn’t, but there are moments and times where it can become a little gray when it comes to knowing what to keep and hold on to and what we should let be and let go of, now this could be for anything really, but where i’m trying to get at is more life with a side of mind related…..we all know life is quite the ride and everything and we also know how our minds work.

Combine those two and boy will you have quite the show ahead of you, a lot of the things we choose to grasp on to are things we aren’t always able to control, yet we think we can or we still try to, then you have the mind, which likes to store and store until can’t anymore, however it still believes it’s possible, now that wouldn’t be a bad thing, if what it was storing was helpful and important, sometimes it’ll do that, but most times it’ll have unwanted things that really aren’t great, yet it feels like it has to be there.

For example, you know how sometimes we read books or are looking at something important, interesting, stuff like that and there are things you want to remember or think “hey that’s cool, let me go and keep that in mind” so you highlight it and circle it, you feel all this information coming to you and you love it, so you continue to add things here and there to remember, but as you’re reading on and looking at things,

You don’t realize how much you’re actually highlighting and it’s not until the very end when you look at everything and notice that you’ve apparently found everything to be important so now you have all this neat information, yeah, buuut…..you aren’t able to tell what is actually really important and what is just extra information.

True fact actually: I used to do that, if I was reviewing or looking at something, I wouldn’t really know what was important and useful, so I ended up highlighting everything I felt was important, but would later end up really confused and would stress out trying to figure it out.

That’s how are brains can be, it’ll highlight everything and keep it and then later go into over drive trying to decide what’s actually useful and what’s not, most time it can’t tell the difference so it’ll just store everything, why!? I don’t know and maybe that’s the reason it does that because we ourselves aren’t always sure what is worth holding on to and what we should just let be……we give ourselves too much stress and a lot of it, just comes from small things, things that shouldn’t give us stress, but does, it’s a weird thing.

Trying to understand it, is also a weird thing, because even if we know it’s ridiculous and we’re upsetting ourselves with it, we still allow it……why!? I wish I could answer that, but I wouldn’t be in a good place to do so, because I do this, I do it a lot, you try not to, but it’s not easy, that’s why we always do everything we can to distract ourselves and although it’ll help for the moment it’s only temporary……..sometimes we don’t have a choice though, somethings are okay to let go of with ease, including the small things,

but with other things, sometimes we don’t want to get rid of it completely, even if we should or think we should, we don’t, because when it means a lot and it’s something you want to always keep near you, you hold on to it, you keep it in a safe place, it may go away from you, but it doesn’t mean you have to forget it or let it go…..sometimes you gotta just give things time,

You can keep it and put it away for a bit, try not to over clutter it though okay……keep it as clear as possible and when it’s time to return to it, you will. In the meantime however, anything that shouldn’t be stressed or thought about, you know all that junk mail and useless thinking, yeah just put that to the side and clear it away when you’re able to, no need to make everything look like a dump, just really go through and sort it all,

If you need to categorize it go right ahead, if you know it’ll take some time, take all the time you need, it’s not easy letting go of things, when you feel you’ve got all that you need sorted, you’ll know and feel it!!

As for stressing on small stuff and things you can’t control, those are best to let be, at least until you’re sure you’re able to figure out something, but for most things, you just gotta give it time or let it work itself out, because one way or another, you find that in the end it somehow always does.

All The Love โค โค


Letting Go and Moving On…….

I once wrote about these topics in my thought journal before, separately of course although most people talk about these topics together……..I guess because they naturally go together when bringing one of them up, so let’s talk about these topics once again shall we!? First let’s start with moving on it might be backwards, but just stay with me here okay. I was listening to music and the artist I was listening to was Sara Bareilles some of you may know of her, some of you also may not which is fine, but she is a great artist so if your looking for new music, you should check her out who knows you might like her.

Anyway the reason I brought her up is because she has this song called December and it’s one of my favorites from her and there’s a line in that song that goes “To get yourself a new life, you’ve got to give the other one away.” now i’m sure there are a lot ofย  different interpretations for this song, but what I want to talk about is that line because what she is saying is true, if you want to start something new or like she says get yourself a new life, you’ll have to give up the one that you’ve been use to and that means getting out of your comfort zone and embracing new opportunities and just trying something new. Now getting out of what you’re use to is better said then done especially when you’ve been in it for so long……….some people are able to get themselves out of being stuck in the same place and then thrive on opportunity when it comes knocking on their door or when it approaches, which is really great for them because you should be able to do that………then you have others who want to do that, but then let fear, what people think and what they say pretty much stop them from doing what they want, so they don’t and they keep themselves from reaching their full potential which isn’t good.

I know this scenario all too well because i’m living it, i’ll be frank (yeah I know that saying, I also had to look it up just to make sure i’m using the term right and I think I am) but anyway back to what I was talking about. I know what it’s like to want to move on with where you are in your life and do something different, but being scared to or just letting others affect my decision and trying to tell me what they think I should do and then just letting them pretty much convince me when in my heart, I don’t want what they want, no one wants people to tell them what they should do or how they should do it, everyone just wants to do their own thing and that’s okay if you want to do your own thing, sure people can give you advice on certain things, does that mean you should take it no……..you can listen their advice, but if you know what you want out of life why should you listen to what everyone else has to say about it. If you feel in your heart and know that your guy instincts are trying to guide you to where it thinks is best for you why not listen to it!?

We have the power to decide what’s best for us and how we live our lives, how we do things and live our life is our choice no one else’s. Don’t let others stop you from doing the things you want, if you feel like you need a change in your life then do it and do it in the way you feel best and not how everyone else thinks you should do it, sometimes you have to let go of old habits and situations in order to move on to big and greater things and the life that you deserve to have, I know that letting go of the things you’re use to can be scary and all, but if you want to move on and have the life you want then you’re gonna have to let go of the life you have now.

For those who are struggling to let go and move on in their life because of fear or not being sure whether you should or not, I believe in you and I know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If you’re happy with where you are then then good for you keep doing your thing, but if you’re not then work hard to get to where you want to be and do it the way you see fit for yourself, we will get through our breakthrough together somehow, because we’re strong and we have the power to do so.

I hope everything I said here made sense with the topic I was going for. Anyway I hope you all have a lovely night/morning/evening ๐Ÿ™‚


All The Love โค โค