Weird Random Thoughts

Hiya, how’s it going!? Hope you’re all well and your weekends been good, so it’s Saturday night about 11pm almost, will be 11 in a sec as i’m writing this….it’s now 11pm in case you’re curious!! Okay I know what you’re thinking, what’s the point to this or you might be saying what is going on!? Well for starters………I had a thought and kinda wanted to share it!!

Will it be interesting to you guys…..I don’t know, will you find it amusing or funny who knows!? maybe not, possibly so maybe…..I really don’t know, but i’m just going to go straight into it okay……no more weirdness……..alright no I can’t promise you that, because it’s all weird and i’d be lying if I said there won’t be any more of that so, I just hope you don’t mind, but anyway…..

Again I had a thought, a very weird one that made me think a little too much about it than I probably need to, but you know once you start going…..well you just sometimes keep going for some odd reason, now this thought came about while watching a video, it wasn’t a weird video or anything it was a reaction to a song, but what made me have this thought was something that was said before the video actually started……

It’s was about water and ocean sounds, now you might be either clicking off this post or are really confused to what you’re even reading……I don’t blame you okay, just want to let you know, but to save a long post, they were talking about ocean sounds that was in the start of the song before it actually started and I thought to myself, okay said out loud, “yes ocean sounds are nice, so are rivers and streams and not live streams,

but actual streams ect…..” then I thought about water going upwards and then said you’d have to rewind a video in order to see that or time lapse it and then I thought, “wait water doesn’t go upwards, it only goes downwards” which made me go into a much more deeper thought process on it for some reason that I can’t tell you because I don’t know…….

Long story short, because we’d be here all night talking about it, another random thought crossed my mind, that uhhh, water does technically go upwards when it’s being evaporated within the clouds getting ready to turn into rain, because SCIENCE!! So yes and no to your weird random thought question brain on wondering if water flowing upwards, we good!?

This would have been longer if I didn’t shorten it for you guys, if you want to hear the whole thing and see me become confused myself, I already thought about making that video, normally it’d be already recorded, but this was a late night thought so you know how those go……but anyway that is pretty much it, kinda, well the short version of it anyway……

You guys have a good night and i’m hoping to remember all of this so I can do a video on it, because I kinda sorta want to, it’d be a good thing to laugh at and then later wish I didn’t record it, but still be happy that I did!!

All The Love ā¤ ā¤


Thought Of The Day/Night #2: Sky’s Not The Limit, It’s The Way Of Going Places…..

Do you ever just look into the sky and watch the birds and the planes go by and wonder to yourself what it would be like if you were a bird or if you were on that plane where exactly would you be headed!? I do, I always look in the sky and think to myself I wonder where those planes are going, who’s on it and how I wish I could be on it too…….Sometimes I look at the birds and wonder where they’re going as well. Looking at the sky really makes you think about everything because when you look toward the sky, you also reflect on things around you and it makes you think about where it is you want to go in your life. They say the sky’s the limit, but no…….I say that it’s the way of going places, which if you really think about it, is actually true, there’s no limit on where you can or can not go when you’re in the sky, you can go anywhere as long as you have the things you need stuff like passport, suitcase all that stuff……….we always look towards the sky in the morning and evening, but do you guys also look up at the sky at night!?

That ones my favorite, I love looking at the sky during the night, there’s just something about the sky when the sun goes down and the moon comes out especially when it’s joined by the stars, ohhh how pretty the stars are in the night………whenever I see lots of stars in the sky i’m always amazed, the way they light up the night and the way they look……it’s really nice. Getting to see a full moon as well is a pretty sight to see too, I mean who doesn’t love a full moon right!? Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll even see a planet in the night sky, you won’t be able to spot it with a naked eye of course, but if you have a telescope you’ll be able to see it clearly then, I was always interested in wanting to get a telescope that way I could see the stars and planets up close or as close as it would get.

People who own telescopes are lucky because they’re able to see the sky and everything in a whole different view to what we see it as with just our eyes, we maybe able to look at the sky, but we won’t get to see the stars and planets up close to what we would in a telescope or one of those observatories, but even if we don’t have a telescope to help see the stars and planets better, it’s still quite nice to just be able to take in everything, look into the night sky and just get lost in it, you can do that in the morning as well, but for me it’s the night time with the stars and the moon sitting in the sky that gets me, although I do too enjoy looking up into the morning and evening sky, with that I get to see the trees dance along with the wind while getting to feel the wind around me as well.

We’re lucky to be able to always see beauty within the sky whether it’s dark or it’s light, either way we’re always presented with something extraordinary whether that’s seeing a blue sky with clouds floating by in the A.M. or getting to see a black sky followed by some stars, a moon and sometimes planets during the late hours ( I was gonna say P.M. buuut I couldn’t think of anything to go with it, plus I didn’t think it made sense) I don’t really have a lot to say and I don’t think there’s any lesson to this blog post, I just wanted to talk about the sky today, I don’t know why………hopefully you still enjoyed this in someway, feel free to tell me what your thoughts are whenever you look into the sky, I know that everyone has a different perspective on things and I would love to hear what your perspective is on this random topic if you have one. Anyway I hope you all have a goodnight/morning and or evening šŸ™‚

All The Love ā¤ ā¤



P.S. I know i’m a nerd but I love it šŸ˜›

Just Reflecting……..

You know I was sitting outside in my backyard today, i’ve been doing that a lot lately I get up, do whatever I do in the morning and then go in the backyard (I take my dog out if it didn’t rain, but if it did or does I keep her inside although I didn’t know the grass was wet today and I took her out because it was sunny and well she had fun rolling around in the grass) anyway back to reflecting, so I went into the backyard today and I just walked around a bit in the grass while my dog was doing her thing and running around in the back and i’ve just been thinking and reflecting on a lot, I sat on the back steps and in the grass and was just taking in everything, listening to the birds and the natural noises of nature it was really nice…… know we don’t really realize how much just listening to the pretty noises of the earth can help you really reflect on everything.

Lately for me i’ve just been reflecting on my life and where I want to go with it, if i’m being honest I don’t really get out the house much except for if i’m going in the backyard or if I go places with friends or family and I don’t really have a lot of friends, just a small amount that i’m close with and they don’t really live near me so I don’t go anywhere and I know that’s not good and I should go out more, but in all reality I don’t really like going out much for one, because I was never really a big fan for going out, I always preferred to stay in and if I do go out (which I don’t much) I like going with someone, because it’s just a lot more fun that way and you have good company in the process, but i’ve come to really take in everything and I realize that being and staying in one place isn’t healthy for yourself and if you want to experience more you’ll have to put yourself out there first and that’s what i’ve been trying to work on for a long time now.

I started to push myself where I use to live and I really enjoyed it because I liked where I was and the area, it was one of my favorite places and still is, but when we moved I kinda went back and just stood to myself and didn’t go anywhere because I didn’t like the area, not saying it’s bad, i’m just saying that it didn’t feel the same compared to where I use to live, I mean it’s alright, but I wasn’t really thrilled with moving here in the first place, plus I was away from my friends and I didn’t like that very much. I just missed everything about where I use to be. I missed being able to walk to my friends house who was a few blocks away from me, if my friends wanted to come over they could’ve easily and just the area it’s self, I still miss it and that’s not gonna change, but I also know that I can’t keep myself in the same spot all the time, I do need to get out more and just try at least, even if I don’t like where i’m at, I should at least try……building up the courage and confidence for it though is a bit hard, but i’m working on it……..sometimes we all need to reflect on things and just really look at ourselves in order to change things in our lives.

We all have something that we reflect on be it our lives, things around us just everything, sometimes we’ll even reflect on music or a book we read, just because maybe it really spoke to us in someway or because we’re trying to decipher the message it’s trying to tell us. We don’t have to just reflect on one thing, it can be a lot of different things, if it sticks in our minds or we feel it then we’re gonna reflect on it, sitting with yourself and being able to reflect on everything going on, helps you really look at things in a different perspective then what you normally see it as and it’ll help to open your eyes better and see things clearer to where it make sense. Take time to reflect on things if you really need to because it’s always good to sit with yourself and ponder a bit just to kinda gather everything and get a better insight on everything in the process.

That’s all I have to say, I know this isn’t a really long blog post compared to my other ones, but this is just something that I wanted to share because I felt like I needed to, i’ve been constantly really looking at myself lately and just thinking a lot more on everything. I hope that you’re able to take something from this and it gets you thinking as well, I also hope that everything I said here made sense, I started writing this earlier today, but I went away from it a bit and then I came back because…….I don’t know I felt I needed to, but anyway I hope you all have a goodnight/morning and or evening.

(Originally Written July 30th)


All The Love ā¤ ā¤


Late Night Writing Mixed With A Little Bit Of An Update On My Other Blog Posts You Haven’t Read Yet…..

You ever went to write something and then other thoughts popped into your mind and what you were originally going to talk about just ended up changing into a whole different topic!? Yeeeah that happened with me, you see I know I didn’t post a blog for you yesterday (I say yesterday because it’s midnight now where i’m at) I also know IĀ  didn’t post one the day before yesterday either, so I missed my blog posting on the 27th and the 28th of July……..but I just missed posting, I never said I didn’t write anything, I did write something on those days, the post that was mean’t for 27th is about thunderstorms and storms in general, there’s a reasoning behind why I wrote about storms, there’s a lot more to it then you think, it’s actually finished, but i’m still looking it over because…..I don’t know I just do that……so it’s kinda one of those draft writes, but once it’s really finish, you guys will read it.

Now as for the one that was meant to be posted yesterday on the 28th of July, that wasn’t posted yet for two reasons 1. i’m still adding to it because it’s not finished and 2. It’s something that i’m not sure i’m gonna post right away, but it will be posted eventually so it’s one of those i’m gonna come back to it kinda thing. It’s sorta like if you’re well writing something on a piece of paper and you know it’s coming along, but there’s just something in you that’s like I don’t know if i’m ready to share this yet or one of those moments where you think what you’re writing is good and then you realize “mmm maybe not” and toss it in a bin but miss, but i’m gonna keep writing and when the time comes to where I do want to share it, I will. We all have at least one blog post or just that one draft write (if you’re writing in a journal or something) that we have written already or started writing, but aren’t ready to share because either it’s really personal to us and we haven’t ourselves took in what we wrote or it’s just one of those “ehhhh i’m not really feeling this too much” kinda situation, you know what I mean!?

It’s okay to write something and not want to post it or share it, sometimes you need to just write for yourself especially if you have so many thoughts going around in your head to where you just need to get them out and hey if that’s what you need then it’s totally okay. We don’t always have to write something big, sometimes we just all need one of those, “I have a lot on my mind so i’m just gonna write everything i’m thinking or even one of these late night writes that i’m doing here, we all know that sometimes our minds can get so overwhelmed that we can’t even properly think straight and hey it’s gonna happen and yeah we’ll get a little frustrated because we know we want to write about topics that really make you think or is something relatable and yet here we are at 12:41am close to 1am writing about how we have so many thoughts running around our brains.

I was actually writing two different blog post (the ones mention early) I was literally going back and forth between the two posts writing different things going with the topic of those blog post and while I was doing that, I had another blog post idea and this was it. What better way to talk about the amount of thoughts going on in my brain then writing about it. In all honesty I don’t even know if this ones gonna be good, but I just needed to get this out and also explain to you guys why I didn’t post anything new for two days, one of the reasons is because I wasn’t having the best day and I couldn’t focus on writing and I tried, but I wasn’t getting anywhere that was until a storm came around 2 days ago and then I wrote about that, the other one was because i’m not finished with it and i’m not sure if i’m gonna post it right away as I normally do and also because I was out, so by the time I got back it was already late so I knew I wasn’t going to finish it in time before the day ended.

I was actually thinking of just going straight to sleep once I came back, but I really wanted to write something for you guys considering I haven’t posted in two days and believe me i’m super tired, but I did want to write something, i’m not really sure if you’ll take anything from this that’s important, but at least you’ll know that…… all honestly I got nothing here, but I do hope you still enjoy this in a way, i’ll get back to my normal important stuff as soon as I can, for now though that’s all I got, my brain can’t think anymore, this is probably the shortest blog posts I ever written since I started, well anyway I hope you all have a goodnight/morning and or evening.

All The Love ā¤ ā¤



Update: This was mean’t to be posted last night, but I fell asleep when I was going to post it and when I woke up i think it was around 1:30am or close to 2am so I just turned off my computer and went to sleep, but i’m still gonna post this, I hope you guys enjoy in some way (Originally written on the 28th of July)