To Be Named….(May 18, 2019)

This one was inspired from one of my favorite video game series, Animal Crossing, there’s a cafe called the Roost in the game and so I went and created my own little cafe or just a place to “Chill & Relax”

By the way this creation here now has a backstory to it, that I won’t forget nor will ever live down……*sigh* I seriously don’t know how I messed that up…… guys are probably wondering what i’m talking about right!?

Good because i’m not telling you, it’s a secret…….while I leave you guys maybe wanting to know what the backstory to this is, I shall leave this 4th creation unnamed, at least until I come up with a good name for it……

Now it may not look like much to a lot of you, but I like to think of it as a calm, yet pretty simple place that i’d say has pretty nice Coffee and Tea, especially green tea and wild berry, but that’s just me…….

P.s. I don’t actually really like wild berry, but some people might, I know one person that does for sure, green tea and peppermint is where it’s at for me though, they’re so good!!

All The Love ❤ ❤


Is There Such A Thing As Calm Stressing!?

Calm stressing that’s a thing right!? Can it be a thing!? If you’re asking why i’m asking this well then, i’ll just say, just wondering…..

No, but seriously is it possible to calmly stress!? i’m not saying that i’ve been calmly stressing, because that would be false if I said that, my morning did start out roughly it’s about 1pm where I am and i’m still having toast and coffee and just for good measure, I have a cup of tea next to me as well.

Talk about all over the place, no i’m kidding, I always have tea next to me now even if I do have a small cup of coffee…….going back on track now…..

Calm stressing not sure if that’s a thing or not, but today i’ve been on the stress train today, but i’ve been trying so hard to keep myself from letting it overtake me. I’m just trying to think calmly without issue, you know!?

My brain was scattered everywhere you should’ve seen me, i’ve noticed that whenever I feel really stressed or overwhelmed or something, I always feel the need to organize and clean everything and I don’t know why I do that!? Habit I guess, I don’t really know…….anyone else do that!?

I know this post is probably going in a bunch of different directions, sorry about that, i’m just pretty much everywhere at the moment, but i’m doing my best to be calm about it and not overly stress……..but yeah……..

I don’t really have much to say, I was just curious on whether it was possible to stress calmly, but come to think of it, if your stressing chances are it won’t be in a calm way, you’re just trying to keep calm during a stressful manner, which in a way means you’re calmly stressing……right!?

Update: it’s now 2pm and I still have the coffee, tea and toast…..

All The Love ❤ ❤