Hey, What’s Going On!!

Today, i’m filled with a sense of calm and some alertness, well I was earlier anyway, not really sure how those two ended up combining, but i’ll take it for what it is I suppose, how are things with you, are you well, happy, are you enjoying yourself!? I don’t really know the kind of questions to ask,

I know today’s your day and I hope things are okay with you, if i’m being honest, these past two days have been something and I don’t really know why, it could’ve been for a number of reasons for all know, today though, it’s okay……in case you didn’t know, you’ve been in my thoughts, maybe you knew that, I don’t know sometimes you can think of someone, but they don’t know that you are, but inside you hope that they can feel it or sense it, you know!? Sometimes they might and you don’t have any idea on it…..weird right!? I hope you know I miss you and always keep you in my mind,

Even when I may not know it……I don’t know what you’re up to or if you’re doing okay, but I do hope that you are and that things are going well, can you believe it’s your birthday, i’m trying to figure out how old you would’ve turned today, but I wouldn’t know, 25, 26……around those yeah!? Don’t quote me, I hope you went by Sam and said hi, I know she misses you too

We always do……i’m not getting emotional here, no matter what you may think or say alright!! It’s hard not getting to speak to you when we need to, but I know that even when we can’t hear you, that you still listen and are always there for us if anything…..i’m okay if you’re wondering, not sure on Sam, but i’ll be sure to check in on her and make sure she okay, you stop by too and see as well okay……anyway I won’t make this too long of a post, I just wanted to say a big Happy Birthday and that I hope you’ve been doing well.

Miss you always Ang….

P.S. I hope I got your birthday right, i’m sure I did though, I wouldn’t forget….

All The Love ❤ ❤


Catch Up….

Boy do we all feel the stress with this one am I right!? Catching up to things can really put a real amount of pressure on you, we all feel as though we have to get somewhere within a certain time span and when we aren’t quite there to our liking, it can get really frustrating. We’re all in the catch up side of town and yeah it’s not the greatest feeling, especially when we have our minds set on where we want to go and we know that we’re working as hard as we can to get to where we want to be, it can really feel like this never ending struggle and as if we’ll never get there………but that’s not all true.

I mean sure the hard work in everything we put in might feel like a struggle and can be a real pain, but just because it’s taking us a whole lot longer than we anticipated, doesn’t mean that we won’t get to where we want to, it’s just taking a bit of time to get there is all, it’s all about patience and doing your best with everything, things take time, sure we may want things to go quicker and everything, but we also have to take in that sometimes being in the moment can work wonders as well.

It’s okay to focus on where we’re trying to get to, but we also have to keep in mind that we have to also focus on being in the moment, you know balance it out, instead of focusing so much on one thing. The main thing to keep in mind is knowing that we’re doing our best and working as hard as we can to get to where we’re aiming for, we don’t need to stress ourselves out or get super frustrated with ourselves when we know that we still have a bit of way to go.

I mean sure we’re going to end up getting super frustrated anyway and being hard on ourselves because that’s just a natural thing for us to do as humans, but when we do start to feel a little tense and find ourselves getting worked up, we have to remember to take it easy on ourselves and try and stay calm, we’re doing our best and as long as we know that and we keep working hard at everything we’ll get there.

All The Love ❤ ❤